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For the character with a similar name in Richard Hatch's Original Series continuation novels, see: Bree.


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Introduced Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I
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Role Viper pilot, Galactica
Rank Lieutenant
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Portrayed by Janet Louise Johnson
Brie is a Cylon
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Brie is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Lieutenant Brie is a Viper pilot aboard Galactica.

Due to her flight experience as a shuttle pilot, she is recruited as a Viper pilot due to a mysterious virus which afflicts a majority of the Viper corps. Amongst many of the female pilot recruits, Brie demonstrates an outgoing spirit and her adeptness as a Viper pilot, albeit not as professional as Deitra (TOS: "Lost Planet of the Gods").

Brie participates in two major engagements, at planet Kobol (TOS: "Lost Planet of the Gods") and during Iblis' visit to the Fleet (TOS: "War of the Gods").