Aquaria (RDM)

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Colors and symbol of Aquaria
Note: Most of the information listed below is taken from both the official, "quasi-canon" Battlestar Galactica Map of the 12 Colonies, and Beyond Caprica - A visitor's pocket guide to the Twelve Colonies

Aquaria was one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. It was, by far, the least populous of the colonies, a frigid ocean world with a permanent population of only tens of thousands.


Aquaria was founded as an utopian outpost for those unwilling to cope with social division of any kind, like religion, politics, or ethnicity. Nevertheless, its people have acquired a strong sense of independence and tolerance towards others, with the goal of developing a society where people can express their creativity to the utmost. Located beside the settlement is also a major geological research station, funded by other Colonies. Visiting scientists come here to learn more about Aquaria's oceans and the species living in it. The station owns the colony's high tech gear and only major space ship.


In general, Aquarians are highly educated and amicable. Basic needs like food and shelter can be get by through a song, painting, or perhaps a good story. Because of its small population, individuals remain easily accountable when using this unique form of bartering, so normally the system works quite well. Of course, unresponsible die-hards can take advantage of the system, but are usually picked out and banished off-world by a simple two-third majority vote. Of note is the annual summerfest, when up to half a million people visit the planet to indulge in arts like music, dance, theatre and epic poetry. When getting enough of culture for the day, simply passing the time with Kasta, a sort of Frisbee-like game played on Aquaria, is another possibility. Or go dine in one of the gourmet restaurants, and be served dishes based on moss whereon the local chefs spent generations to refine their recipes. Of course, these still taste like moss...


Despite the lack of an official capital city, the government holds weekly community meetings that are open both to citizens and non-citizens. A majority of issues addressed are passed by majority vote, even the election of the colony's Prime Minister.[1] The planet actually fields two flags: the official colonial one flown by the research station, and the local, Aquarian, flag showing a dark-blue field with two red stripes on each vertical edge. The field depicts a gold-edged white trident placed diagonally across it, with a star in the lower right corner, and an asterisk in the upper left.

Its first Quorum of Twelve delegate within the Fleet post-Fall is Miksa Burian, who votes for Tom Zarek in the vice-presidential elections (TRS: "Colonial Day").


  • On many occasions this colony's name was also spelled Aquarion. However, the name Aquaria was heard on screen during the Hybrid's monologue in "The Plan" and spoken by President Roslin when tallying the votes for vice- president (TRS: "Colonial Day").[2]
  • In an LA Times article, Aquaria is described as a frigid ocean world, with small volcanic land masses and small communities. It is also said to be regarded as nothing more than a scientific research outpost by the other Colonies.
  • According to Serge's twitter account, Aquaria doesn't have a capital city.


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  2. Serge's Twitter account states that both names are viable, with Aquarion being the official name and Aquaria a regional variation.