Starbuck (1980)

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Colony Umbra, Caprica
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Birth Name Starbuck
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Parents Chameleon (father)
Marital Status Single
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Role Viper pilot, Battlestar Galactica
Rank First Lieutenant
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Portrayed by Dirk Benedict
Starbuck is a Cylon
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Starbuck is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Starbuck is an Original Series Cylon
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First Lieutenant Starbuck is a Colonial Warrior on Galactica.

On his last mission as a Warrior attached to Galactica, he is on patrol with Boomer when they are ambushed by Raiders. Starbuck's Viper is severely damaged, and he is forced to put it down on a small planet, stranding him and separating him from the Fleet.

Out of loneliness, Starbuck repairs a Centurion from one of the Raiders he had downed. He nicknames it Cy, and the two become friends. When Cy senses that Starbuck longs for human companionship, he leaves, returning with a pregnant woman named Angela.

Angela speaks in riddles, but convinces Starbuck to build a ship to transport her and "their baby" back to the Fleet. Starbuck uses parts from his Viper and the downed Raider to construct the ship, but the ship has enough room only for the mother and the child. A Cylon attack forces him to launch the ship. Cy is gunned down fighting off the Cylons, and Starbuck is left alive on the planet, apparently marooned. The child he launches grows up to be Doctor Zee (1980: "The Return of Starbuck").


  • Over the years since the airing of Galactica 1980, fans tend to consider "The Return of Starbuck" as the only episode of the series with canonical value.
  • Had the series continued, an episode called "The Wheel of Fire" would reveal that Starbuck was rescued by the Beings of Light to become one of their rank.
  • A doomed attempt at reviving the Original Series in 2001 would have seen an older Starbuck in the planned series, which would have to explain the inconsistencies and storylines created in Galactica 1980.
  • Starbuck is one of only five characters in the Original Series to be featured in every episode, and the third character from the Original Series' main cast to be featured in a 1980 episode.