William Adama (2003 Video Game)

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This article is about the characterization of William Adama from the 2003 video game. For information on the commander of battlestar Galactica in the Re-imagined Series, see William Adama.
William Adama (2003 Video Game)
William Adama (2003 Video Game)


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Portrayed by Robin Atkin Downes
William Adama (2003 Video Game) is a Cylon
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William Adama (2003 Video Game) is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
William Adama (2003 Video Game) is an Original Series Cylon
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Lt. William Adama, call-sign "Husker" (because of his rough voice) is the 21-year protagonist of the "Battlestar Galactica" video game from late 2003. The player assumes the role of "Husker" in the course of the game.

Adama's father had served in the Colonial military with Bryn Magus, and had saved his life more than once; he died during a skirmish with Cylons near Sagitara, when Adama was eight. Adama's mother died during childbirth. Raised on Caprica, Magus ensured that the orphaned boy was well cared for, partly to honor the debt he felt to the young Adama's father. Adama later joined the Colonial Academy at the age of 15. After graduating from officer training at the start of the Cylon War with honors, Commander Magus specifically requested him for assignment to his ship, the battlestar Galactica. Magus became a father-figure to him, and Adama fell in love with his daughter, Iphigenia Magus.

Along with Iphigenia, his wing men were Magus' son Paulus Magus, and Lieutenant Garris Cain. Adama's Viper designation was Blue Four.

Cylon scrolls refer led them to believe that Adama will lead the Cylons to discover the Thirteenth Tribe; as such, he draws much interest from the Imperious Leader, Lord Erebus.