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Portrayed by Kristanna Loken
Iphigenia is a Cylon
Iphigenia is a Final Five Cylon
Iphigenia is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Iphigenia is an Original Series Cylon
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Iphigenia in the separate continuity
Iphigenia in the primary continuity

Lieutenant Iphigenia is the 21-year-old daughter of Bryn Magus and sister of Paulus. She and William Adama are lovers; with her blonde hair and freckles, Iphigenia is described as looking like Adama's ideal counterpart.

Iphi was born in the city of Petaville on Caprica. An attractive and dynamic woman, Iphigenia usually went by her nickname ‘Iphi’. A fighter pilot aboard Galactica, she serves under the direct command of Magus. Her older brother Paulus also flies as a pilot in Blue Wing. A military ‘brat’, she has a wild streak and a flippant sense of humor that seem at odds with her uncanny skills as a Viper pilot; Iphigenia frequently flirts with other male flyers, but in the thick of battle she is all business.

She prefers carefully-planned strategic attacks to tactical strikes, and knows that it will be successful strategies, and not random acts of pilot bravery, that would win the Cylon War for the Colonials. As such, she is at odds with her squad mate Garris Cain.

Iphigenia is killed in battle with Cylon forces.

Iphigenia's callsign was 'Angel' and her Viper designation was Blue Two.