Bryn Magus

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Bryn Magus is commander of the battlestar Galactica, father of Iphigenia and Paulus, and a father-figure to Lt. William Adama. Some time prior to the Cylon War (as depicted in the game), Adama's father often saved Magus' life; when Adama was orphaned, Magus looked after the boy as part of his debt to the elder Adama, later welcoming him onboard Galactica when he graduated from flight school.

At the age of 55, Magus is an imposing character, a formidable man, a tactical genius to his troops, and a strong father-figure to pilots such as William Adama, as well as Magus' two children, Paulus and Iphigenia. Magus owed his life to Adama’s father, who saved him several times when the two men were junior officers, and it is to his eternal regret that he couldn’t save his friend from the Cylons when they were both shot down.

Magus subsequently spent a year as a prisoner-of-war on a the Cylon penal world of Ixion before being rescued by the crew of the battleship Perseus. Since then, Magus feels a duty to protect the younger Adama in memory of his best friend. Rising to the command of Galactica, Magus is one of the most decorated Colonial officers of his age.

Commander Magus was born on Aerilon in the Cyan Province. During his years as a fighter pilot, his callsign is 'Hawk'.

During the course of the game, Magus is abducted by Cylon forces, converted into a half-human, half cyborg agent, and turned against his own people — a curious variation on the humanoid Cylons seen in "Galactica 1980" and the Re-imagined Series.


  • This character is part of a separate continuity that mixes elements from the Re-imagined Series and Original Series as well as unique material. It is not a canonical item in either series.
  • In some write-ups of the game, his name is written as "Magnus" (Latin for "great"). However, the write-ups are in error, as in the game he is clearly named Magus.