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This article discusses the ship as depicted in the 2003 video game. For other meanings of Galactica, see Galactica (disambiguation).
The Battlestar Galactica from the 2003 Video Game

The battlestar Galactica is the central ship in the video game Battlestar Galactica, released in 2003 by Vivendi Universal Games.

The setting of this game depicts Galactica as a veteran battleship in a setting that makes it a prequel of the events of the Original Series by approximately 35-45 yahren, but with significant differences to both continuities.

The player takes on the role of "William Adama," a character that shares the name of his Re-imagined Series character, but whose history and continuity as a Viper pilot follows more more closely the technology and backstory of the Original Series. As such, the battlestar Galactica shown in the game is generally the Original Series version and seems mostly, but not fully, integrated in the Original Series continuity.

The young Adama grows into leadership throughout the course of the game. Confirming Adama's progression is the appearance of the Imperious Leader Erebus, Adama that, according to "sacred prophesies" he will "lead the last surviving humans to the location of the 13th tribe". The age of the battlestar as stated in the game implies that Galactica has fought for at least half of the Thousand Yahren War.

The Galactica of the game is predominantly based on the Original Series version of Galactica, but with notable changes from TOS canon, to reflect her in-game approximately 500-yahren service and the fact that she has had to rely on alien technology (a game exclusive) for upgrades and repairs. Text from the game notes:

"The battlestar has been repaired often and parts of its structure are clearly newer or are made of stranger, alien materials. Parts of the huge engine nacelles are broken and partly scaffolded, the repairs half-complete, the exposed structures vast and skeletal."

Given the ship is based on the original, it is reasonable to assume her size and capabilities mirror those of the Original Series battlestars.

Galactica's commanding officer in the game is Commander Bryn Magus and his executive officer is Colonel Jen Kassia; neither character is mentioned other than in this game.

Five battlestars are mentioned in the game:


  • The game version of Galactica is part of a separate continuity that mixes elements from the Re-imagined Series and Original Series as well as unique material. It is not a canonical item in either series.
  • This game debuted in stores on November 18, 2003. The Miniseries of the Re-imagined adventures of a new Galactica premiered on the Sci-Fi Channel less than a month later, on December 8, 2003. Despite suggestions that this game was based more on elements from the defunct Singer/DeSanto revival project, it was in fact created to encompass elements of both the 1978 and 2003 shows. An earlier incarnation of the game based on the Singer/DeSanto project was scripted but never produced. As a result, the game's continuity doesn't quite fit in either the Re-imagined or Original Series universes.

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