Garris Cain

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Garris Cain
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Portrayed by Mack Greenlaw
Garris Cain is a Cylon
Garris Cain is a Final Five Cylon
Garris Cain is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Garris Cain is an Original Series Cylon
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[[Image:|200px|Garris Cain]]

Lt. Garris Cain was a Viper pilot stationed on the battlestar Galactica during the opening of the Cylon War, where he was a wingman of Adama.

An exceptional pilot with an ego to match, Lieutenant Cain saw himself as the undisputed Ace aboard Galactica, with the best kill ratios and performance ratings. He was risk-taker and a hothead, quick to anger and slow to forgive, always ready to seize the moment rather than waiting for the right situation. In any other flyer, his rule bending would have earned him a demotion, but he was a natural pilot and his fantastic ability made Cain a valuable – if unorthodox - wingman.

Impulsive, impatient, hotheaded, and a risk-taker, often irritating (and being irritated by) his fellow wingmen, Paulus and Iphigenia. However, he was nonetheless an excellent pilot who completed his missions succesfully.

Cain was 23 years old during his service in Captain Paulus' Blue Wing, flying under the callsign 'Renegade' and Viper designation Blue Three. He was born in the Pinnacle Mountains on Sagitara.