New Cap City: Get Thee to Mysteries

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New Cap City: Get Thee to Mysteries is a The Caprican Entertainment article written by Caleb Barlow. It was printed in Martius 22, YR42.


All right, I told you scamps to get your damn butts to the dance last week and experience the Real World for a change. Now that that's out of the way, let's get back to New Cap, shall we?

No cheats or clues or nothing this week. I'm not going to hand you that kind of gold on a silver platter all the time, you know. When I'm in the right mood, and when I think you've been nice, that's when you get your candy. For now, I'm here to plug and pimp a little place you may've been to already. A little place called Mysteries. It's a cabaret club, baby, and it is sweet.

You walk in, you have to check your weapons at the door. No help for it. Or is there? Maybe I provided you a way around that in one of my earlier ramblings? You'll have to go back and check, won't you?

The emcee, Cerberus, is a trip, baby. He (she?) doesn't give a frak about nothing. And he will take you places. Expand your minds. Show you past the boundaries and gates and horizons. You think anything goes in New Cap? That does double at Mysteries.

Thing is, you could get yourself killed. There's challenges therein, baby. Riddles and questions, stuff where if you don't have the answer, your life is on the line. Cerberus could call your ass out. Don't try to hide in the shadows. If he wants you, he'll find you. It's all part of the game, baby.

Yeah. Serious Players Only. Bring your lady, bring your man, show up solo, whatever. But you want real cred in New Cap? Spend a night at Mysteries. And check your damn guns at the door.

Or not.

And, oh yeah - Happy Hour is on Wednesdays. And Wednesdays only.

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