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These are the Quotes of the Day for January.

"Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last battlestar, Galactica, leads a rag tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest: a shining planet known as Earth."
--Commander Adama (TOS: End of episode narration)

The Cylons were created by man.

They rebelled.
They evolved.
They look and feel human.
Some are programmed to think they are human.
There are many copies.
And they have a plan.

--Opening to Season One of the Re-imagined Series

Number Six: Look at me, look at me Gaius! Do you want me to believe you're worth saving? Do you? Do you? Say it!

Gaius Baltar: I want you to believe in me! Don't stop! Don't stop! Please, please don't stop! You have to believe in me, you're all I have left!
Six: Now tell me, you believe in me. Tell me you believe in my strength!
Baltar: I believe in you! I believe in you! I love you. I love you with all my heart... I love you with all my heart...

--A Measure of Salvation

Captain Cole Taylor: This is a photo recon mission. We are interested in o­ne Cylon ship in particular which is larger than anything we've encountered before. Analysis to date suggests they will be in this star system next. We will hide behind this moon which has an abnormally large magneto tail and will mask our DRADIS signatures. We'll power down, hide near the surface, wait for the fleet to pass by. Starbuck? You have something to add?

Lt. Kara Thrace: Your plan sucks. And the Cylons aren't stupid. That moon's a blind spot. They'll never go near it. You really want to get close? You've got to use the stealth ship we constructed aboard Galactica.

-- Pegasus

Commander William Adama: Admiral Cain is my superior officer. She will take complete command of the entire Fleet.

Admiral Helena Cain: I was wondering how to broach that topic. Trust me when I say that while the chain of command is strict it is not heartless, and neither am I. This is your ship, and I have no desire to interfere with Galactica's internal affairs.
Adama: I appreciate it, Admiral.
Cain: Madam President, you look like I just shot your dog.
President Laura Roslin: No, it's just-- It's just the Commander and I, we've been through a lot.

-- Pegasus

Admiral Helena Cain: Commander… why are you launching Vipers?

Commander William Adama: Please arrange for Chief Tyrol and Lieutenant Agathon to be handed over to my Marines as soon as they arrive.
Cain (coldly): I don't take orders from you!
Adama: Call it whatever you like. I'm getting my men.
Cain: You are making such a mistake.
Adama: I'm getting my men!


"Starbuck to all Vipers: do not fire... repeat, do not fire! I am a friendly, okay? We're all friendlies. So, let's just... be friendly."
-- Lt. Kara Thrace (Resurrection Ship, Part I)

President Laura Roslin: The spirit of the law requires something more here than summary executions.

Admiral Helena Cain: Is this what the two of you have been doing for the past six months? Debating the finer points of Colonial law? Well, guess what, we're at war! And we don't have the luxury of academic debate over these issues.

--Resurrection Ship, Part I

"Ahh, another of Starbuck's crazy ass stunts... thank the Gods!"
--Colonel Saul Tigh (Resurrection Ship, Part I)

"Good news! You're not dead... yet."
--Lt. Lee Adama (Resurrection Ship, Part I)

"Everyone wants to be their own doctor."
--Doctor Cottle (Six Degrees of Separation)

"I want a definitive answer, no more of your weaselly technobabble."
--Colonel Saul Tigh (Resistance)

Colonel Saul Tigh: Is he going to make it?

Doctor Cottle: How should I know? I'm not a psychic. Now get the hell out of here.


Admiral Helena Cain: Frak you.

Gina: You're not my type.

--Resurrection Ship, Part II

"I, um, only knew Admiral Cain for a short time, so what I have to say about her will be short. She faced things. She looked them right in the eye and she didn't flinch. That's something that we do a lot around here. We second-guess. We worry. When I think about what she went through after the attack: all alone, one ship, no help, no hope--she didn't give up. She didn't worry. She didn't second-guess. She acted. She did what she thought needed to be done, and the Pegasus survived. Might be hard to admit, or hard to hear, but I think that we were safer with her... than we are without."
--Captain Kara Thrace (Resurrection Ship, Part II)

Commander William Adama: I've asked you here to find out why the Cylons hate us so much.

Sharon Valerii: I'm not sure I know how to answer that. I mean, hate might not be the right word.
Adama: I don't want to fence with you. I just want to know why.
Valerii: It's what you said at the ceremony before the attack when Galactica was being decommissioned. You gave a speech that sounded like it wasn't the one you prepared. You said that humanity was a flawed creation. And that people still kill one another for petty jealousy and greed. You said that humanity never asked itself why it deserved to survive. Maybe you don't.

--Resurrection Ship, Part II

"Let me tell you something. I've had to watch a lot of kids be put into body bags. They're covered with flags and they float out that airlock. You think I don't understand his feelings towards his men? Sometimes terrible things have to be done. Inevitably, each and every one of us will have to face a moment where we have to commit that horrible sin. And if we flinch in that moment, if we hesitate for one second, if we let our conscience get in the way, you know what happens? There are more kids in those body bags. More kids floating out that airlock. I don't know why... but I have a lot of faith in you. And I want you to promise me that when that moment comes you won't flinch. Do not flinch."
--Admiral Helena Cain (Resurrection Ship, Part II)

Captain Kara Thrace: ...Let's just be glad that we both came back alive, alright?

Lt. Lee Adama: That's just it Kara... I didn't wanna make it back alive.

--Resurrection Ship, Part II

"It's interesting. Betrayal has such a powerful grip on the mind. It's almost like a python. It can squeeze out all other thought. Suffocate all other emotion until everything is dead except for the rage. I'm not talking about anger. I'm talking about rage. I can feel it. Right here. Like it's gonna burst. Feel like I wanna scream. Right now, matter of fact."
--Commander William Adama (Home, Part I)

Lt. Kara Thrace: Apollo, you magnificent bastard, that was o­ne hell of a piece of flying and I couldn't have done it better myself.

Captain Lee Adama: I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.
Thrace: I said that I couldn't have done it better myself.
Adama: Well, thank you.
Thrace: Hmm. I had my doubts.
Adama: So did I.
Thrace: Mmm.
Adama: I wasn't sure that crazy-ass plan of yours could even possibly work.
Thrace: You deserve this. (hands Adama a cigar)

--The Hand of God

President Adar: What was that?

Commander Adama: That was my son, Mister President.

--Saga of a Star World

"One of the most interesting things about being President is that you don't have to explain yourself. To anyone."
--President Richard Adar (Epiphanies)

"I was a teacher long before I was Secretary of Education, and causes are only lost when we give up."
--Secretary of Education Laura Roslin (Epiphanies)

Lt. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii: This isn't happening.

A Number Eight copy: You're confused and scared... but it's okay.
Valerii: I'm not a Cylon. I'm Sharon Valerii. I was born on Troy. My parents were Catherine and Abraham Valerii.
Eights (each speaking in turns): You can't fight destiny, Sharon.
It catches up with you...
no matter what you do.
Don't worry about us.
We'll see you again.
We love you, Sharon.
And we always will.

--Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

President Baltar, I offer my sincere congratulations... I say that knowing we've had our differences and that you take office despite my many reservations. You may be the most brilliant person I've ever met, but your intelligence is unleavened by compassion. You must be reminded of your ethical responsibilities and challenged to rise above your own selfish needs. I don't write this to hurt you, but to beg you to open your heart. Understand that the people in the fleet look to you not just for leadership, but for solace... justice. Find a way to give them that, and you will be a great leader.
--Letter to Vice President Gaius Baltar from President Laura Roslin, to be opened upon her expected death (Epiphanies)

Doctor Cottle: I don't like what you're doing. I think it's unnatural and damned dangerous.

Doctor Gaius Baltar: Yes, well, given the patient's current condition, I am not sure that I see the downside.
Cottle: Maybe it's just her time.
Baltar: Then for once...perhaps I am the beacon of hope around here.


"This is Admiral Adama. As you know, President Roslin has been aboard Galactica for the last few days. She's a fighter. But as of this moment, her prognosis is grave. I know that many of you believe in the power of prayer. If that is your way, then I urge you to pray for our President. As for the others, I hope you will join me in keeping her in our thoughts."
--Admiral William Adama (Epiphanies)

Sharon Valerii (crying): I don't understand, why are they doing this now?

Lt. Karl Agathon: I don't know. The Admiral said they found something in the baby's blood. Somehow, President Roslin considers it a threat to the fleet.
Valerii: It can't just be that. I've done nothing but help them since I've come here. I've held back my anger. I've tried to show them that Cylons are not all the same. That we're not all murderers.
Agathon: Deep down, I think they're still afraid of you.
Valerii: Yeah...afraid. They wanna be afraid of something? Yeah? Just let them come! Let 'em! Let them try to take my baby! Ahhh! Just let them try to take my baby!


"You're not gonna shoot."
--Phelan, before he is shot (Black Market)

"It's hard to find the moral high ground when we're all standing in the mud."
--Phelan (Black Market)

Lee Adama: But I thought… I thought that no o­ne had seen or heard from the Cylons in over 40 years.

Admiral Adama: That's true. Partially. The admiralty had grown restless with the Adar administration. They thought we were resting o­n our laurels, unprepared to protect against an attack. My mission was to escort a stealth recon ship just beyond the armistice line, stick our nose over, gather evidence, see if there was any suspicious activities.
Lee Adama: And if the Cylons discovered you across the line breaching the armistice, then, uh... they would see that as...
Admiral Adama: An act of war.



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