Cole Taylor

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For the pilot using the callsign "Stinger" on the battlestar Galactica, see Stinger (Galactica).
Cole Taylor
Cole Taylor


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Birth Name Cole Taylor
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Callsign Stinger
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Introduced Pegasus
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Role Former CAG, battlestar Pegasus
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Portrayed by John Pyper-Ferguson
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Captain Cole "Stinger" Taylor is the former CAG of the battlestar Pegasus. Like many officers from Pegasus, Taylor is a humorless officer that seems to regard Galactica's officers as tainted in some way. He feels that Commander Adama's son, Lee, has been given his responsibilities as CAG through his father's influence.

When Captain Adama is transferred to Pegasus on Admiral Cain's orders, Taylor busts Lee Adama's role to a mere Raptor pilot to accompany him on a recon mission to an unknown Cylon ship (TRS: "Pegasus"). While on the mission, tensions break out between Galactica and Pegasus. Under Cain's orders, Taylor relieves Adama at gunpoint. Adama is allowed to go to the back of the Raptor where he secretly contacts Starbuck aboard the Blackbird, who has just returned from her own secret reconnaissance effort of the Cylon vessel.

Once tensions between the two battlestars temporarily cool, Cain receives a download of Starbuck's recon photos. Impressed not only by Starbuck's work, but in her brazenness, she promotes Thrace to Captain and to the duties of Pegasus CAG, replacing Taylor, who had failed to notice Starbuck and Apollo's scheming behind his back (TRS: "Resurrection Ship, Part I").

Later, Stinger is placed in the brig after mouthing off to Pegasus's commanding officer, Commander Garner. Whether or not he is released following Garner's death is not known (TRS: "The Captain's Hand").


Preceded by:
Commander, Air Group of the battlestar Pegasus Succeeded by:
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace