Playing the Field: Lonely Girl from B.C. needs our help & more!

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Dear PTF...

Playing the Field: Lonely Girl from B.C. needs our help & more! is a The Caprican Lifestyle article written by Sharon Edmonson. It was printed in Februarius 23, YR42. This is the second article in the Playing the Field column.


Thank you to all of our readers who wrote in last week to share their questions about dating. And though we can't get to all of them, we'll do our best to help as many of you as we can

Now, on with the column!

Dear PTF,

I'm just a shy girl from Brachyura City, Canceron. I know you urban hip metrosexuals here on Caprica think we're all a bunch of tanned airhead surfers from the healing beaches who will hop in the sack for a quick (rhymes with sack) with anybody. I am not some Bimbo from BC.

I have a brain. I want someone who stimulates my intellect but that seems hard to find here in this Hedonist Heaven called Caprica City. I tried hanging out at the library and going to lectures but I never meet anyone my age there.

Heck I even went to one of the V Clubs and the people there were just as vacuous. I was so desperate I was willing to settle for an 'elation. I'm beginning to wonder if I should have joined the Vestal Virgins when I had the chance?

Where do the smart people hang out in Caprica City?

Skylark Thibedeau

Dear Skylark,

We totally know where you're coming from. We've heard from lots of people who've moved to Caprica City for work or school (or just to live in "the big city") that it's hard to find love. Heck, many people wonder if Aphrodite herself would have been able to find a good date here in our fair "Hedonist Heaven." We've got a few ideas for you.

Surely you'll find a guy or girl who stimulates your intellect at one of Cap City's many art museums. Frak, why not make a day of it! Start by trolling for dates at the Ancient's Sculpture Exhibit at the Jasper House, hit on fellow museum goers at the Onyx Museum of Mankind, and then rub attractive elbows while checking out the Art Treasures of Kobol at the Caprica Art Museum.

But if you feel you've exhausted all of your real-life possibilities, perhaps you'd be willing to put your heart in someone else's hands. Check out the virtual dating site E-ros. Here some happily coupled folks will get to know you and play good old-fashioned Eros-style matchmaker. So far we've heard rave reviews from newly coupled folks who've gone and got themselves E-ros'd.

Oh, and one more thing—hedonism is what you make of it, but perhaps that's a column for another time.

Sincerely, PTF


Dear Playing The Field,

Okay - I admit - I've gone to the V-lounges a few times, just looking for some variety. But last week I met this totally hot Caprican - I thought - girl. Best V-Frak and best frak I'd ever had (wonder if the censors will let that through) ... turns out the girl I met was a nice girl from Leonis that I married over 20 yarrns ago - my wife! I saw her chat log and was really getting into what she was doing when I realized it was with me! How do I tell her that I've been going to the V-lounges - and that the best V-frak I ever experienced was with her??? Gods help me! :) John DeLancy

Dear John,

Thanks for writing. This isn't the first time we've heard of a person meeting someone in the v-world that they know in real life. But this is the first time we've heard of that person potentially being one's spouse. Dear readers, we have ourselves a winner!! Just for the record, we at PTF do not condone snooping in your partner's chat log. Having said that, what if you do something at the v-lounge that would let her know it's you. Re-create your first date or your marriage proposal, perhaps? It would be great if you both could realize that, even after 20 years, your love for each other (virtual and otherwise) is as strong as ever. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

Kisses, PTF


Dear PTF,

Well I'm from Picon and my parents have liked all my boyfriends up to now. You see my current boyfriend is from Leonis and when they found out they literally went kamikaze and refuse to acknowledge him. I like him but idk how to get my parents to accept him, please help.

Yours Truly, Rowell Figueroa

Dear Rowell,

We're very sorry to hear that your Pican parents don't approve of your love from Leonis. Surrounded by such a multi-colonial mix of people here in Caprica City, it's sometimes hard to remember that inter-colonial dating is still such an issue, but it definitely is. It sounds like this is especially difficult because living on different colonies makes it hard to have your parents get to know your boyfriend. If you and boy Leonis are really committed to being together then they will come around. To help speed things along, try to let them know how well he treats you, how kind he is, and how committed you are to building a life together...unless he's an insensitive frakker who is mean to puppies and children. If that's the case, then we don't approve either.

Love always, PTF


That's all for this week. Wow, you frakkers sure are lucky you have us...and we are happy to have you. Don't forget to post your dating questions in the comments below and we'll pick a few choice ones to answer next week.

Go ahead, ask us anything.

Love PTF (Playing the Field)

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