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C-Bucs Fever: Catch It on Video!

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C-Bucs Fever heats up!

C-Bucs Fever: Catch It on Video! is a The Caprican Sports article written by Caleb Barlow. It was printed in Februarius 24, YR42.


You may have noticed that we at The Caprican have ourselves a bit of a Pyramid problem. The problem is that live and die with every pass, shot and cinq executed by our beloved C-Bucs. We understand, however, that not everyone is that fired up, which is why we're offering this video promo straight from the bowels of Atlas Arena. It was recorded and sent in by a dedicated reader of The Caprican who shares our wish that everyone be as excited for Pyramid as we are - let's face it, fans, the boys and girls in blue need as much help as we can give them.


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