REVIEW: The Best New Virtual Dating Sites

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Dating in v-world.

REVIEW: The Best New Virtual Dating Sites is a The Caprican Lifestyle article written by Laurel Hill. It was printed in Februarius 23, YR42.


Yes, it's that time of year! Eros Day is upon us and we here at The Caprican turn, once again, to one of our favorite subjects: Virtual Dating. Now, if you're familiar with the world of "v-dating," then you know about the most common v-dating site, V-Match. But maybe you've exhausted the possibilities on that pioneering dating site. I mean, you can only buy someone a v-drink at a v-club so many times. So what now? The next time you strap on your Holoband, how do you expand your v-dating horizons and still ensure a quality experience? And since, in the v-world, you can look like whomever (or whatever) you want, we thought you might need some guidance. So The Caprican staff has taken the liberty of testing out a few new sites to save you some trouble (and some cubits).

High Res Hearts: This upscale site has a pretty steep membership fee but is well worth your cubits. What started as a site just for wealthy Capricans has now opened its v-doors to the rest of us. Some of the members are still a little elitist, but there are definitely some gems here, too.

Virtually Yours: With two million members and counting, this site is getting bigger (and better) every day. Between the v-dating tips and irreverent "how to" videos this site is clearly geared for people who see the humor in v-dating and are looking to have a good time. This is definitely one of our favorites.

E-ros: Have you all but given up on traditional v-dating sites? The creators of this site will match up your dating likes and dislikes with other users - just like good old-fashioned matchmakers. No fancy algorithms at work here - just some wise coupled up folks who want to help you get coupled, too.

There you have it dear readers - some of our favorite new sites. Now, strap on your Holoband and go forth and v-date. Best of luck and, of course, let us know how it goes!

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