List of Deleted Scenes (Miniseries)/Season 3

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This is a listing of deleted scenes from Season 3. A majority of these are available exclusively on the Region 1 DVD box set. Others are only available exclusively online at sites such as

Episode # Title Scene Number Screenshot
301 Occupation (Talk) Scene 73
Kara Thrace, imprisoned at the New Caprica Detention Center, enters the bathroom of her apartment-cum-prison. She locks the door, lets the sink run, and takes out parts from the toilet to prevent the door from being opened. After this, she takes out a metal component from the toilet and begins to slit her wrist. Leoben Conoy notices water from the overflowing sink running under the bathroom door. Conoy moves to open the door, only to find it has been blocked. He informs her that he knows that she's trying to kill herself, but will not go through with the act. He breaks the door open and asks her how he can help her "see the life" she can have with him.
302 Precipice (Talk) Scene 107 (Partial)
An extended scene where Gaius Baltar visits Laura Roslin in her cell at the New Caprica Detention Center, prior to Roslin's release. Baltar attempts to convince Roslin that the tactics of the New Caprica Resistance will ultimately doom the human race, since the Cylons will find that the only logical conclusion to their experiment on New Caprica is to destroy the colony and move on. As Baltar explains this, Caprica-Six listens in the adjoining viewing room.
303b Exodus, Part II (Talk) Scene 99
Admiral William Adama talks to Captain Louanne Katraine before the Battle of New Caprica. After Adama asks her a question about her faith in the Gods, she is taken aback by the realization that he knew her first name. He reveals that he knows more about her than most people and tells a story about how, when he was younger, he had the frak kicked out of him. He then assures her that she got to where she was under her own power and that all that matters to him is her dedication to her duty. He tells her to give the Cylons hell.


  • Adama's observation on Katraine:
William Adama: I don't know where you come from, but I do know this: you got here on your own power. Every morning, you get up and you tie your hair back tight. And then you go to war. That's all that matters to me.
303b Exodus, Part II (Talk) Scene 102-104
An extended scene from the final act. After Adama terminates the Adamastache, he walks through the corridors of a busy and crowded Galactica, being saluted on his way to the CIC.

Meanwhile, in the CIC, Lieutenant Louis Hoshi reports that 13 ships are running on fumes and require refueling. Lieutenant Anastasia Dualla replies that the refueling has to wait, as she has more than a dozen high priority repairs throughout Galactica. Commander Lee "Apollo" Adama chimes in, saying that they have hundreds of refugees clogging the hangar deck that need to be placed elsewhere. Captain Karl Agathon retorts that they have battle damage that needs repairs. When Adama arrives, he is deluged with requests ranging from important communications to engineering's report that the cooling tree needs repairs (presumably of a severe nature). He notes that the first priority is to get a CAP up and running, noting that repairs won't mean anything unless there's one in place. Adama also notes that many Viper pilots (rescued from New Caprica) haven't been in a cockpit for over a year, and they need refresher training.

After the group disperses, Adama talks to Apollo. Adama wants Apollo to be the CAG, but this would require a demotion to major. Adama makes a crack about a decrease in paygrade, to which Apollo replies, "There goes the summer home."

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