Jay Finnegan

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Jay Finnegan
Jay Finnegan


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Birth Name Jay Finnegan
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Callsign Shark
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Introduced The Face of the Enemy
Death Killed by a copy of Number Eight (TRS: "The Face of the Enemy")
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Role Raptor pilot, Galactica
Rank Lieutenant
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Portrayed by William C. Vaughn
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Lieutenant Jay "Shark" Finnegan is a Raptor pilot assigned to Galactica.

He serves with "Easy" Esrin, who is his co-pilot aboard Raptor 718. While making a routine run to Zephyr for R&R along with Lt. Felix Gaeta, Specialist Brooks, and two Number Eights aboard, a false alarm causes the Fleet to make an emergency jump. Raptor 718 accidentally jumps beyond the red line with no way to return to their original coordinates, effectively stranding it in space with only 20 1/2 hours of oxygen left. He is killed by "Sweet Eight," who cuts his throat in order to conserve oxygen for herself and Gaeta (TRS: "The Face of the Enemy").


  • Both the script and the credits for this webisode refer to this character as "Finn." However, both this character's name and callsign are from the nameplate stenciled on the side of Raptor 718.
  • According to William C. Vaughn's blog, the actor originally suggested the callsign "Bootstrap" for his character.[1]


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