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  • In the Miniseries, Adama states that he has "almost 2,000" crew on board Galactica.
  • In "Water," Baltar says there are 45,265 civilians in the Fleet. Given the total fleet population of 47,958 visible on Roslin's whiteboard in that episode, this means there were 2,693 military personnel in the Fleet at the time. It is unclear if this was a gaffe or a retcon, but the following calculations assume the more recent figure.
    • Thus, in addition to the 85 killed in the flight pod fire (Miniseries), 29 Viper pilots are lost on-screen in the first three sorties, and Helo goes MIA (all events in the Miniseries). This makes for a pre-attack total of 2,808 crew members.
    • Also of note, former civilian Giana O'Neill becomes a member of Galen Tyrol's deck gang to replace those lost during the flight pod fire (TRS: "The Plan"). It is unknown whether or not such civilian turned non-coms are counted in Baltar's number.
  • Following on from the 2,693 total in "Water," thirteen pilots are killed in "Act of Contrition". Eight are recruited to replace them, leaving a net loss of five.
  • Three crewmen are killed by a suicide bomber in "Litmus".
  • Starbuck instructs fourteen nuggets in "The Hand of God," suggesting an additional six nuggets had been selected by that point. Apollo alludes to a second group of trainees in "Act of Contrition".
  • Four Viper pilots are killed in action during the Battle for the Tylium Asteroid in "The Hand of God".
  • Ten die on Raptor 3 in "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II," and Sharon Valerii is revealed as a Cylon agent to the Colonials.
  • Eleven crew are killed in the Cylon boarding action in "Valley of Darkness".
  • Four of the crew of Raptor 1 die by the time the survivors are rescued in "Fragged".
  • Helo returns in "Home, Part I".
  • Subtracting these losses from the total given in "Water" yields no more than 2,662 crew members prior to the arrival of Pegasus.


Combined Fleet

  • Four pilots from the combined fleet perish in the Battle of the Resurrection Ship.
  • Tough Guy and Carousel of Raptor 612 are killed during the rescue operation in "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I," but it is unclear to which vessel their Raptor was attached.
  • Given the settlement of many soldiers on New Caprica, the deaths on the planet and the subsequent destruction of Pegasus, it is hard to keep accurate track of the number of military personnel during that time and beyond.

See also

  • Survivor count, for a count of the entire Fleet population including civilians.


  1. In "Pegasus," Lt. Thorne states that Gina killed seven people. Since only two kills are shown in "Razor," he either refers to actions before or after her arrest as well.