Pythia (alternate)

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Pythia (alternate)
Pythia (alternate)


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Birth place Kobol
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Introduced Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five 1
Death *1. Shot by Magnus Baltar during the Thirteenth Tribe's Exodus, The Final Five 1;
*2. Mysteriously reappears on the Algae planet, "The Final Five 2";
*3. Dies on Earth - Final Death Permenant(2,000 BCH), "The Final Five 3"
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Pythia (alternate) is a Cylon
Pythia (alternate) is a Final Five Cylon
Pythia (alternate) is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Pythia (alternate) is an Original Series Cylon
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Pythia was a human who lived on Kobol over 4,000 years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.

During her life, Pythia came into contact with a blonde entity in a red dress who gives Pythia the word of God. As Pythia advocates the dissolution of the Quorum of Twelve and its hold over the people on Kobol, she becomes the subject of Michael Tigh's interest during her incarceration in the Maniae Asylum, possibly leading to a romantic interest. It is assumed that Pythia also develops a romantic interest and feelings towards Michael, possibly due to his curiosity in her or his frequent visits.

Pythia confides in Tigh regarding her visions of the woman in red, which they keep to themselves. Additionally, she exhibits signs of clairvoyance (as was the case with the death of Kara Thrace between 2 to 3 ACH) and wrote down many of her prophecies during her time in the sanitarium. As tensions mount on Kobol, she is later publicly tried as a heretic and sentenced to immolation, thus fueling tensions between the atheistic Thirteenth Tribe and the polytheistic Twelve Tribes.

This sentence doesn't come to pass as Kobol soon falls into chaos, forcing the exodus of the Thirteenth. During Tigh's attempt to save Pythia, she is killed by Magnus Baltar, and is unable to be resurrected by the Thirteenth Tribe as a Cylon. Tigh is devastated by Pythia's death and his inability to save her. He later leads the Thirteenth Tribe to a new homeworld, after being exiled from Kobol. (Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five 1)

When members of the Thirteenth Tribe are stranded on the Algae planet, with no resurrection and are cut off from the rest of the fleet, a few Cylon survivors manage to survive the explosion and crash of their tribe's main resurrection ship. The Cylon survivors begin burying their dead, while learning that the planet they crashed on had a large abundant alage food source, so they wouldn't starve anymore.

During a fight ensured by Michael Tigh and Magnus Baltar, a virtual being in the form of Pythia mysteriously arrives and breaks up the fight between the two. It is here that Pythia agrees to spare Magnus' life, on the condition that he'd return back to Kobol and brings the "word of Pythia" to the Twelve Tribes, where her words are posthumously published as a scripture text known as the: Book of Pythia by Aurora . Baltar agrees and he takes Pythia's ship and book and returns back to Kobol to preach the "word of Pythia" amoungst the human survivors there. (Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five 2).

Pythia then reveals to the Cylon survivors that she was here to help the survivors and guide them to the location of Earth and that she was going to lead them there. (Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five 3).

According to Head Six, the woman they see before them isn't really Pythia, but instead one of her own kind, Aurora. Head Six claims that Aurora is the only one of them that isn't content to just offer guidance, instead actively interfering by taking physical form. As Head-Six simply puts it, Pythia was actually the goddess Aurora, who had gone rogue and taken the form of the deceased Pythia to help guide the Cylon survivors to their new homeworld.

Together, with Pythia's help, the Cylon survivors' begin rebuilding a new Resurrection Ship with Pythia joins the tribe and leads them to Earth. Pythia also rewrote the survivors' genome to make biological procreation possible amongst them. Upon arriving on Earth, it is revealed that both Michael and Pythia had one son: Saul Tigh, who would later become a member of the legendary Final Five, who was a little boy.

Upon settling on Earth, Pythia marries Michael Tigh and the two raise their son Saul together. Shortly upon settling on Earth to Saul, Pythia fell ill and died, just while Saul was an infant. However, Michael had banned Resurrection, due to the tribe being able to procreate and having offspring, and thus, was unable to save her. (Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five 3).

Nearly 2,000 years later, John Cavil would relate Pythia's fate to Saul, stating how she fell ill and begged Michael to bring Resurrection back to save her, but refused to do so on ideological grounds. Cavil would uses Pythia's fate as his reason to revive resurrection. (Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five 3).