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Colonial religion is centered on the Lords of Kobol, analogous to the Greek Gods.

According to the Sacred Scrolls, the gods once shared a paradise-like existence with the people of Kobol. Later circumstances forced the exodus of the human population of Kobol to the Twelve Colonies and Earth, and lead to Athena's suicide. See History of the Twelve Colonies for more.

The existence of the Lords of Kobol is attested to by the survival of numerous artifacts, including the Arrow of Apollo, the Tomb of Athena and the Gates of Hera. However, although she accepts their historicity, Sharon Valerii, a Cylon, has called their divinity into question.

There is a notion in fan circles that there are twelve lords of Kobol, by analogy to the twelve Cylon models and twelve Colonies, and perhaps the Twelve Olympians of greek mythology. A post in RDM's blog loosely addresses this.

Q: "Twelve cylon models and twelve Olympian gods seems too much of coincidence to me. Is there any connection? "
RDM: And Twelve Colonies. Coincidence....?"[1]


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