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Colony Caprica
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Birth Name Zac
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Introduced Saga of a Star World
Death killed on patrol (TOS: "Saga of a Star World")
Parents Adama, commander of Battlestar Galactica, and Ila
Siblings Athena and Apollo
Marital Status
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Role Viper pilot, battlestar Galactica
Rank Lieutenant (source: Ending credits)
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Portrayed by Rick Springfield
Zac is a Cylon
Zac is a Final Five Cylon
Zac is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Zac is an Original Series Cylon
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Additional Information

Lieutenant Zac is an inexperienced Colonial Warrior and Viper pilot assigned to Galactica, which is commanded by his father, Commander Adama. He is the youngest of Adama's and Ila's children; his older siblings, Apollo and Athena, are also assigned to Galactica.

Despite the lack of experience, Zac has received high marks at the academy, which outstripped even his father's (deleted scene, "Saga of a Star World").

Zac works with Starbuck to convince his brother, Apollo, that Starbuck was too ill to go on patrol, suggesting that Zac take patrol instead. Apollo sees through the ruse and allows Zac to come anyway.

On patrol with his brother as Blue Flight Two, Apollo discovers several Cylon tankers within a cloud body near the lunar body of Cimtar, which soon leads to a fight with Cylon Raiders.

Zac's Viper is damaged and unable to keep up with his brother. Zac encourages Apollo to go ahead to warn the battlestar fleet of the massive Cylon fighter squadron.

Zac's fighter falls behind as he is chased by the Cylons. While in sight of the battlestar fleet but with no Vipers scrambled to assist, despite Commander Adama's pleas for fleet defensive measures to President Adar, Zac's Viper is destroyed. This makes him the first known casualty of the decisive, genocidal attack on the Twelve Colonies (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").

Adar: (noting the bright explosion of Zac's fighter) What was that?
Adama: That was my son, Mr. President.

Family tree

Boxey (adopted)


  • Zac's rank of lieutenant, despite a lack of any real flight experience, may be explained by his high marks at the academy, which are revealed in a deleted scene.
  • After his brief appearance in the Battlestar Galactica pilot, actor Rick Springfield enjoyed stardom in the 1980s in the soap opera General Hospital as well as a recording career. His most popular songs are "Jessie's Girl" and "Don't Talk to Strangers."