Credits for Saga of a Star World

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Saga of a Star World end credits

The list of end credits for the Original Series episode "Saga of a Star World".



Character Actor
Ensign Greenbean Ed Begley, Jr.
Lieutenant Zac Rick Springfield
Young Woman Randi Oakes
Statesman Norman Stuart
Bridge Officer David Greenan
Woman on Duty Sarah Rush
Operative David Matthau
1st Warrior Chip Johnson
2nd Warrior Geoffrey Binney
Pilot Paul Coufos
Deck Hand Bruce Wright


Credit Crew
Associate Producer Winrich Kolbe
Galactica Theme Glen A. Larson
Stu Phillips
"It's Love, Love, Love" by John Tartaglia
& Sue Collins
Glen A. Larson
Art Director John E. Chilberg II
Film Editors Robert L. Kimble, A.C.E.
Leon Ortiz-Gil
Larry Strong
Set Decorations Mickey S. Michaels
Lowell Chambers
Sound Jim Alexander
Casting by Mark Malis
Unit Production Manager Harker Wade
1st Assistant Director Phil Cook
2nd Assistant Director Nick Marck
Costume Designer Jean-Pierre Dorleac
Sound Effects Editor Peter Berkos, M.P.S.E.
Dialogue Editor Cliff Bell, Jr., M.P.S.E.
Music Editors James D. Young
Herbert D. Woods
Special Effects Joe Goss
Karl Miller
Titles & Optical Effects Universal Title
Special Electronic Effects John Peyser, Jr.
2nd Unit Director Gene Montanino
2nd Unit Director of Photography Mario DiLeo
Miniature and Effects Unit Supervised by John Dykstra
Apogee, Inc.
Test and Display Equipment by Tektronix
The Landram Vehicle Was Furnished by Thiokol

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