Anti-gravity ship

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Anti-gravity ship
Anti-gravity ship
Race: Galactican
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CO: Doctor Zee
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Fate: Active
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Additional Information

The anti-gravity ship is a prototype Colonial spacecraft, designed and built under the guidance of Doctor Zee, incorporating technological innovations far more advanced than either Cylon technology or conventional Colonial technology. Adama believes the vessel to be so powerful that, in sufficient numbers, a force of these vessels could actually enable the humans to retake the Twelve Colonies, but there are no further resources or raw materials to enable the Galactican Fleet to construct additional ships like it (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part II").

The ship itself is unlike previous Colonial craft in both its saucer design and its oddly luminous nature, in addition to its capability of landing vertically. The ship also creates a mist upon entering Earth's atmosphere (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part II") that can, when properly implemented, create rain clouds interspersed with nutrients to accelerate plant growth (1980: "Space Croppers").

The ship has the ability to analyze every facet of its surroundings, including the people who occupy such surroundings, and is capable of giving an accurate, detailed projection of what will happen in a period of time. In addition, the craft has advanced medical facilities.

A curious bi-product of the ship is its ability to neutralize Earth's vehicles within roughly one mile of its landing zone. The vehicles part of Sydell's motorcade were neutralized as they approached the mountain, where the ship had landed.

Furthermore, while the ship has a crew of Colonial personnel, the ship is operated primarily by Zee who is the only person who fully understands the functions of the ship (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part II").

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