Battle for the Delphi

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Battle for the Delphi
Delphi, being
Delphi, being
Delphi, being
Conflict: The Discovery and Defense of Earth
Date: ca. 1980 CE
Related Episode(s):
Place: Near Sol
Result: Cylon victory
Galactican Fleet Cylons
Commander Adama, Dr. Zee, Colonel Boomer Unknown
Galactica Viper squadron Raider phalanx, including at least one A-B Raider
Materiel Losses
Delphi destroyed Various Raiders
probably Major Denton and his Crew Centurion pilots
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Interception of Galactican Vipers Battle for the Delphi Interception of the A-B Raider

The battle for the Delphi occurs as a result of the ship loosing its place in the Fleet due to engine trouble.

As predicted by Doctor Zee[1], the Cylons are able to find the ship and begin their attack. Immediately prior to this, Commander Adama orders Colonel Boomer to launch a Viper escort, particularly as the ship contains all the Fleet's children.

As the ship is attacked, Warriors Troy and Dillon aid the ship's civilian crew in evacuating the children to shuttles. Meanwhile, a team lead by Colonel Boomer himself tackle the Raiders, but the ship is already in its death throes. The Cylons break off their attack once the ship is effectively mortally wounded, but all who were aboard apparently escape (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part I").


The Fleet only has 137 kids, all of whom safely made it off the ship.

Furthermore, the Cylons have a new craft that is not fully revealed until Britton and Kanon's interception of another like it in "The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I".


  1. Zee tells Adama of his prediction that the children would likely die in space, if they are not sent to Earth.