Planetary System at the Edge of the Galaxy

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An unknown planetary system at the "edge of the galaxy"[1] is scouted by recon probes from Galactica. Detected by this recon probe are various planets: a large Jupiter-like gas giant, a Venus-like planet with a compressed carbon dioxide atmosphere, and a lifeless red Mars-like world.

A lone Cylon basestar is discovered during the recon, prompting Adama to make the decision to go on the offensive instead of try to find another way out of the galaxy via evasion. In addition, a gamma frequency transmission of unidentifiable origin is intercepted and recorded by Galactica's last remaining celestial chamber in this region of space (TOS: "The Hand of God").


  1. The Original Series' use of the word "galaxy" has proven incongruous with the real-world dictionary definition of galaxy, as exemplified by various mis-used universal terms throughout the series. (c.f. Cyrannus galaxy)