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Thanks to Tonyfuchs1019 for actually gathering most of the info on the page. --CylonU87 03:49, 20 February 2012 (EST)

An Alternate Timeline

I'm really curious about the timeline presented here as it doesn't at all match anything I've been able to find. It also seems to not be finished?

I've been working pretty carefully to create an outline of the events seen in the show. There have been some road blocks, however, to fully understanding everything. Serge's twitter has been helpful, and although a sort of redundant resource, The Caprican articles are helpful for possible names of locations but their dating convention, I'm convinced, has far more to do with our calendar as viewers than the actual calendar of events in the show (especially evident by the Eros Day mention in February but there being no indication in the show that the card was new).

I also have a theory I'll explain briefly that the show, through it's troubled production, went through several different Calendars. What I mean by this is certain props seem to match one timeline (where the MagLev bombing was on November 26th and possibly the timeline that's posted here), while the rest match another (the one I'm posting). I've also noticed some scenes are edited apart and placed in pieces in multiple episodes meant to represent separate events but were originally one sequence (thus some things can seem out of order to a keen eye)

I've also come to realize that the props have two categories: Screen Readable; Screen Seen. To me, these categories are based on the needs of the story. If the prop is to be actually within focus and read, it tends to fit a dating scheme I'll describe below. If it's not, then the dates, information, names, are literally whatever the prop department wants to put on it. If you notice, the newspaper that Durham has early in the season after Amanda says Zoe was a terrorist is not the same newspaper he has in his file in Retribution. The major difference being the one he has early in the season has a date, while the one seen after the mid-season break doesn't have a date (it simply say "Printed Daily"). This may be their way of not having to divulge too much information and have to worry about continuity.

Here is my current calendar based on the events of the show:

  • We know the names of the months are from the Roman Calendar but due to our still fragmentary knowledge of this type of Calendar, I will propose that the producers probably did a simple cut/paste of the names, keeping the days and such the same.
Ianuarius (31)
Februarius (28)
Martius* [Possibly first month of year] (31)
Aprilis (30)
Maius (31)
Junius (30)
Quintilis (31)
Sextilis (31)
September (30)
October (31)
November (30)
December (31)

Below I separate the episodes into all of the "days seen." The symbol ~ indicates that it's a guess as to which day based on supporting evidence. Italicized are direct quotes, bold are from props.

PILOT (S01:E01)

Day 1 [Tuesday Maius 6th, YR42]: Zoe tweaks Avatar / In Trouble / Grounded
Day 2 [Wednesday Maius 7th, YR42]: STO Bombing of Mag-Lev Train 23
Day 3 [~Tuesday Maius 20th, YR42]: “Two Weeks Later” GDD announces STO involvement, Joseph Meets Daniel, Lacy finds Zoe-A in V-World
Day 4 [Wednesday Maius 21st, YR42]: U-87 Fails Test
Day 5 [Thursday Maius 22nd, YR42]: Durham implicates Zoe, Daniel meets Zoe-A
Day 6 [Friday Maius 23rd, YR42]: Durham implicates Lacy, C-Bucks Game, Joseph meets Zoe
Day 7 [Saturday Maius 24th, YR42]: Minister Chambers Threat / Stealing, Montage
Day 8 [Monday Maius 26th, YR42]: Lacy and Clarice, Tamarah’s Heartbeat
Day 9 [~Friday Maius 30th, YR42]: “a couple of days to test MCP” Code is Lost
Day 10 [Tuesday Junius 3rd, YR42]: ‘CYLON’ Defence Demo


Day 1 [Friday Junius 6th, YR42]: “been two days” Lacy invited to dinner/ CBuc’s Game
Day 2 [Saturday Junius 7th, YR 42]: “month to the day” MagLev memorial


Day 1 [Monday Junius 9th, YR42] Amanda Quits, Daniel Threatened, Tamarah Escapes, Lacy/Keon fix Bike “Ben Stark[e] a year ago in April
Day 2 [Tuesday Junius 10th, YR42]: “after hours Scorpia trading” “Book on Sarno tomorrow” “tonight’s game” Willie skips school


Day 1 [Wednesday Junius 11th, YR42]: Holo-cafe bomb, Search Warrant, Search School, Sarno, Search House, “solstice wish


Day 1 [Thursday Junius 12th, YR42]: Willie missing school “middle of last week
Day 2 [Friday Junius 13th, YR42]: Camping Trip, Board Emergency Meeting called
Day 3 [Saturday Junius 14th, YR42]: Board Meeting/vote , Willie’s Lie
Day 4 [Sunday ~ Junius 15th, YR42]: Tauron Ceremony “month old newspaper


[FLASH-BACK] Maius 25-29th Tauron (Theft from Vergis Corp.)
Day 1 [Sunday Junius 15rd, YR42]: “One month later” After Vote, Party, Joseph and Daniel talk. “Junius 15th Exhibit Opens
Day 2 [Monday Junius 16th, YR42]: “a couple days ago GDD” Holobombing, Clarice (data) and Amanda, Vergis and Daniel, Vergis on Sarno “at a museum exhibit last night
Day 3 [Tuesday Junius 17th, YR42]: Vergis’ Dream, U-87 Arm Diagnostic, Clarice calls, V-Date


Day 1 [Friday Junius 27th, YR42]: “Next game Juinius 27th!” Amanda at Memorial, Joseph enters V-World, C-Bucks Game, Generative Process, Daniel long night, The Dive, Zoe in U-87


Day 1 [Saturday Junius 28th, YR42]: “dead - on a saturday night” Ampa, Zoe in Machine, Amanda at accident site, Fire Test, Vergis and Amanda, Barnabas-Clarice and BBQ


Day 1 [Wednesday Quintilis 2nd, YR42]:
(20 hours before) [~ 6:00 am] Barnabus early morning, U-87 “last week” “odd for days”
(17 hours before) [~ 9:00 am] Amanda wakes from “in bed for days” Clarice packs, Barnabas morning prayer
(15 hours before) [~ 11:00 am] Joseph sick, “Lunch” v-date, FAB, “7th next week”
(10 hours before) [~ 4:00 pm] Tamarah, Burn Chip, 10:00pm Rachel
(~4-2 hours before) [~ 10-12:00 midnight] Amanda and Daniel’s date, Joseph Derez, U87 Escapes,
Day 2 [Wednesday Quintilis 3rd, YR42]
(zero hour) [~2:00 am] Amanda & Bridge (might be edited to sync but occurs hours earlier), "kaboom"


Day(s) ? (events of Gemenon may take place over several)
[GEM Morning/Day] Clarice on Gemenon “Apotheosis” Demo
[GEM Day] Clarice ask for audience
[GEM Afternoon/Evening] Obal meets with Mother
[GEM Night] Clarice and Diego
[GEM Night] Clarice to Mother / Obal’s death
[GEM Night] Mother and Clarice
[GEM] Not seen - Clarice leaves for Caprica (timeline intersects with Quintilis 24th)
Day ? (As events in V-World could be very vague on sense of time)
[V-World] Zoe searches / Lured to/by Tamarah
Day 1 [Monday Quintilis 24th, YR42] “three weeks ago
[CAP ~12-5:00 am] Daniel watching TV
[CAP ~12:42 pm] Daniel awake
[CAP ~ 2-3:00 pm] Joseph’s bump / “we’ll call you”
[CAP ~4:00 pm] Joseph/Sam at Graystone
[CAP Day] Lacy and Barnabas
[CAP Afternoon] Vergis - melt down
[CAP Afternoon] Daniel leaves a message / Cyrus
[CAP Night] Joseph and Guatrau
[CAP ~12:00 pm] Amanda responds / Clarice Returns


Day 1 [Monday Quintilis 24th, YR42]
[11:30 PM] Trojan Space Port (to kill Clarice)
Day 2 [Tuesday Quintilis 25th, YR42]
[12:02 AM] Daniel and Cornell
[1:18 AM] Amanda showers, Board of Directors
[~2:30 AM] “bombing 3 hours ago” Amanda wakes, Clarice and Alvo, Cornell Suicide
[4:46 AM] Pan’s death
[6:08 AM] Hippolyta's death, Lacy calls Barnabas
[~7:00 AM] Lacy and Barnabas talk
[9:15 AM] Cornell’s Wife angry
[10:26 AM] Durham finds Pan (already found Hippolyta)
[~] Durham on Phone / Talks to Clarice, U87 to Lab
[2:15 PM] Durham and Alvo
[~] Durham and Amanda “spaceport yesterday” / “last week conclave meeting
[~] Amanda at Cabin (Clarice returns) “holoband last night
[~] Amanda gets Gun
[7:18 PM] Barnabas’ death, Clarice gets Lacy
[10:26 PM] Amanda returns to Cabin w/ Gun (Clarice home already)

This is what I have so far. I will continue to post it. I post here first for review. As stated, certain props such as the newspaper, the documents printed for Durham and such, seem to all illustrate an alternate timeline which was a few months off from this but the props shown in plain sight including some other statements, seem to validate this timeline. I would love to hear thoughts on this or perhaps some discussion on where the other dates shown in this article are from.--LeonisLeo 16:01, 17 February 2014 (EST)