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I am a late entrant into the awesome world of Battlestar Galactica. (Hey, isn't it better to be late than never). I am an avid fan of Sci-fi. Have a great collection of Sci-fi Movies, Series, Books, Novels, Comics and other cool stuff.

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My userpage design was originally made by Shane, and I just copied it like everyone else.

Working On
__ Transcribe podcasts from the Caprica series.
__ Finish the episode summaries for the Caprica series.
Favorite Quotes
Lee Adama: But I thought… I thought that no o­ne had seen or heard from the Cylons in over 40 years.

Admiral Adama: That's true. Partially. The admiralty had grown restless with the Adar administration. They thought we were resting o­n our laurels, unprepared to protect against an attack. My mission was to escort a stealth recon ship just beyond the armistice line, stick our nose over, gather evidence, see if there was any suspicious activities.
Lee Adama: And if the Cylons discovered you across the line breaching the armistice, then, uh... they would see that as...
Admiral Adama: An act of war.

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