R and D TV (Season 3)

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Ron says "I feel gloomy." After a ping, David has black hair like Robert Smith of The Cure and plays a guitar as the room transforms to a "goth," bleak landscape. In response to the gloom, Ron cries, pulls a razor blade from his jacket and begins cutting his own wrists.


David suggests an idea.

Exodus, Part I

David, with accompanying lightbulb, exclaims, "This will mark new territory". Ron responds with his own lightbulb, and the office is transformed into a moonscape, with Earth setting in the background behind a passing viper. Ron is now wearing a space suit and reaches out of scene for something. David warns, "Don't do it," before Ron stabs him in the chest with a flag bearing the R&D TV logo.

Exodus, Part II

Ron, who is wearing a clerical collar, suggests, "More religion." The scene darkens as lightning flashes and David's head transforms into Linda Blair's character from The Exorcist. David's new head performs a 360 degree rotation, tells Ron that his soul is his and proceeds to vomit on Ron, incapacitating him.


David suggests, "More rebels". Ron then transforms into Jack Nicholson's character from One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest and asks to watch a little TV in Nicholson's voice as he chokes David, now dressed as a nurse.


David whispers to Ron as the tall man holding a club appears and hits Ron with it.

A Measure of Salvation


Ronald with lightbulb says "Backmasking." The room transforms into the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album cover. Ron falls to the ground from the weight of a large number 9 that David (in Sgt. Pepper uniform) gives him while saying "Turn me on dead man" (which is what many fans believed to have heard when playing the phrase "Number Nine" (spoken by an unidentified male voice) in the avant-garde sound collage "Revolution 9" from the Beatles' "White Album" in reverse using backmasking).

Unfinished Business

This skit is used again from "Home, Part I."

The Passage

This skit is used again from "Resurrection Ship, Part II".

The Eye of Jupiter

David suggests, "Slapstick." Both characters transform into sepia-toned versions of themselves (with Ron looking more sinister) as a "Why, certainly" silent-film placard appears as Ron's response. Ron proceeds to slap David with a cane before he sticks David's skull to the opposite wall with the cane through his left eye.


This skit is a repeat of the one used for "Litmus."

Taking a Break From All Your Worries

This skit is re-used from "Hero."

The Woman King

This skit is a re-use of the existing skit used for "Occupation".

A Day in the Life

Dirty Hands

This skit is re-used from "Exodus, Part II."


Just as Ron begins to speak, a Muppet-like creature that resembles the Cookie Monster appears from behind, claiming, "I'm the Ronnie Monster." Before Ron can question further, the monster jumps onto Ron and begins munching on his head.

The Son Also Rises

This skit is a repeat of the one previously used for "Collaborators".

Crossroads, Part I

This skit is reused from "Torn".

Crossroads, Part II

David gets an idea, and Ron runs out to transform into a Harryhausen-esque stop motion skeleton wielding a sword and shield. Ron proceeds to fight with David.