Opera House Prophecy

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The Opera House Prophecy is a vision Sharon "Athena" Agathon, Laura Roslin and Caprica-Six had repeatedly since the events of "Crossroads, Part II".

The Vision

  • In the vision that comes to them as a dream, Roslin and Agathon are chasing Hera Agathon through the Kobol Opera House and their part ends when Hera's taken by Gaius Baltar and Caprica-Six and goes through a door which closes behind them, closing Agathon and Roslin out. For Caprica-Six the vision continues and she goes through the door and continues on through another door then turns around and sees the Final Five in white cloaks on a balcony looking down on them.

Attempts to Act On the Visions

  • The three of them have this vision repeatedly and the Rebel Hybrid prophecies that "the Dying Leader [Roslin] shall know the truth of the Opera House." Roslin tries to get answers from the rebel baseship's Hybrid, but is unsuccessful. Fear caused by this vision causes Agathon to kill Natalie, leader of the Cylon rebels, as she was worried that Natalie was the Six that would take Hera away from her. When Caprica-Six becomes pregnant, Roslin and Caprica-Six cease having this vision, but it returns when Caprica-Six miscarries.

Vision Fulfilled

  • Hera runs away from her parents after being rescued from The Colony with help from Sharon "Boomer" Valerii; Roslin senses her return and briefly protects her from being found, however she runs off again. In a fulfillment of the vision, which is seen intermittently by the characters during these events, Roslin and Sharon Agathon chase after Hera through Galactica, and she gets taken by Caprica-Six and Baltar after finding her. They do not see Roslin and Agathon when taking her and closing the hatch. When they reach what is Galactica equivalent of the final door entered in the vision, both realize they need to go through it, and find themselves in CIC with the Final Five, who are on the uppermost level of the area in a similar position to that of the vision. Soon after there is an explosion and John Cavil manages to grab Hera and hold her at gun point. Baltar talks him down and Saul Tigh offers him Resurrection technology in exchange for Hera's life (TRS: "Daybreak, Part II").

Unanswered Questions

  • Why doesn't Gaius Baltar experience the visions with the other participants, outside of the events during the Battle of The Colony?
  • Why do the visions stop with the conception of Liam Tigh and then restart after his death in utero?
  • When did Laura Roslin discover the "truth of the Opera House"?


  • The "truth of the Opera House" might refer to Laura Roslin realizing the elements of the vision that she experienced when going after Hera in the corridors of Galactica that were actually taking place/fulfilled.
  • The "dying leader" could possibly be Galactica itself. At the time the of the Opera House prophecy's realization, Galactica was already critically damaged and even described as "dying" by Galen Tyrol. The ship had lead the human race to its new home and in the final act of its life was the stage for the (brief) union between Cylon and man depicted in the vision. Shortly after that the ship suffers catastrophic damage, effectively "dying" on Earth's doorstep in accordance with Pythia's prophecy of the dying leader not surviving to set foot on the promised land, whereas Laura Roslin not only made it to but set foot on Earth as well.