List of Former Dark Angel Cast and Crew

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Actor Character Episode
Kwesi Ameyaw Lab Tech "Harbor Lights"
James Ashcroft Deputy Hallahan "Haven"
Steve Bacic Soldier #2 "Meow"
Jamie Bell X6 "Bag 'Em"
Ron Blecker Drill Instructor
TAC Officer
TAC Leader
Eric Breker Agent #1 "The Berrisford Agenda"
Peter Bryant Bling "Heat," "Flushed," "C.R.E.A.M.," "411 on the DL," "Prodigy," "Cold Comfort," "Blah Blah Woof Woof," "Out," "Red," "Rising," "The Kidz Are Aiight," "Female Trouble," "Pollo Loco," and "I and I Am a Camera"
Simon Burnett Purebred #1
Phalanx Warrior #3
"Medium Is the Message"
"Freak Nation"
Fulvio Cecere Richard Sandoval "Pilot," "411 on the DL," "Blah Blah Woof Woof," "The Kidz Are Aiight," "Female Trouble," "Pollo Loco," "Hit a Sista Back," "Meow," and "The Berrisford Agenda"
Terry Chen S1W Member "Brainiac"
Nicki Clyne Fixit "Bag 'Em"
Ben Cotton Biker at Gas Line-Up "Harbor Lights"
Kendall Cross Bitsy "Gill Girl"
Mike Dopud Cop #3 "Two"
Aaron Douglas Hotel Clerk "Exposure"
Michael Eklund Officer Miller "Flushed"
Gustavo Febres Fico "Cold Comfort"
Lorena Gale Teacher "Hit a Sista Back"
Patrick Gallagher Hispanic Cop "Two"
Alex Green Security Guard "411 on the DL"
John Hainsworth Skinny Homeless Guy "Proof of Purchase"
Susan Hogan Aunt Margo "Art Attack"
Emily Holmes Saleswoman "Art Attack," "Medium Is the Message," and "Exposure"
Mark Houghton Captain Exeter "Prodigy"
Alana Husband Female X6 "Bag 'Em"
Alessandro Juliani Druid "Pilot: Part 1," "C.R.E.A.M.," "411 on the DL," "She Ain't Heavy"
Hiro Kanagawa Theo Katsuno "Pilot"
Erin Karpluk Gem "Freak Nation"
Fred Keating Buddy Thompson "Some Assembly Required"
Darcy Laurie KK
"Gill Girl"
"She Ain't Heavy," "Love Among the Runes," "Freak Nation"
Colin Lawrence Sgt. O'Neill "...and Jesus Brought a Casserole," "Polo Locco," "The Kidz Are Aiight"
Robert Lewis Dochnovich "Pilot," "411 on the DL," and "Meow"
Brad Loree Young Soldier
Sector Cop #1
"Dawg Day Afternoon"
Tiffany Lyndall-Knight TV Commercial Lady "Brainiac"
John Mann British Eddie "Two," "Some Assembly Required"
Brian Markinson Dr. Sam Carr "Blah Blah Woof Woof," "Rising," "Some Assembly Required," "Gill Girl," "Harbor Lights," and "She Ain't Heavy"
Suleka Mathew News Reporter "Pilot" and "C.R.E.A.M."
Alison Matthews Female Newscaster "Freak Nation"
Judith Maxie Jeanne Breitel "Red"
Kandyse McClure Annie Fisher "Hello, Goodbye"; "Dawg Day Afternoon"
Mike Mitchell Guard #1
Manticore Guard
"Designate This"
"Exposure" and "Hello, Goodbye"
Ryan Nelson Young Cop "Two"
Ty Olsson Driver
"The Berrisford Agenda"
Zahf Paroo TV News Anchor "Red"
Shaker Paleja Trooper "Proof of Purchase"
Grace Park Female Breeding X-5 "Designate This"
Eileen Pedde Hannah Sukova "Pilot: Part 1," "Pilot: Part 2" and "Heat"
Tahmoh Penikett N.D. Cop #1 "Freak Nation"
Alan C. Peterson Warden Terrence Leeson "Flushed"
Paul Perri Senator McKinley "She Ain't Heavy" and "Love Among the Runes"
Callum Keith Rennie Sheriff Lamar "Exposure"
Ryan Robbins Arnie Haas "Art Attack," "Pilot: Part 1"
Gabrielle Rose Moorehead "Exposure," "Hello, Goodbye," "Dawg Day Afternoon," "Love Among the Runes," and "Freak Nation"
Kurt Max Runte Clyde "Haven"
Laara Sadiq Nurse Sue "Harbor Lights"
Darryl Scheelar Sector Cop 2 "Dog Day Afternoon"
Ron Selmour Brig Guard #1
"Cold Comfort"
"Love Among the Runes"
Rekha Sharma Dr. Beverly Shankar "Hello, Goodbye," "Love in Vein," "Radar Love," "Pollo Loco," "Art Attack"
Jim Shield Bronck Goon "Out"
Kimani Ray Smith Bearded Homeless Guy "Proof of Purchase"
Veena Sood Female Doctor "...and Jesus Brought a Casserole"
Stephen Spender Security Guard "Exposure"
Sebastian Spence Charles Smith "Hit a Sista Back"
Lori Stewart Phalanx Warrior #1 "Freak Nation"
Malcolm Stewart Director Paul Simms "Exposure," "Dawg Day Afternoon," and "She Ain't Heavy"
Camille Sullivan Lida "Love in Vein"
Keegan Connor Tracy Rain "Love in Vein"
Craig Veroni Otto Gottlieb "Gill Girl," "Medium Is the Message," "Harbor Lights," "Exposure," "Hello, Goodbye," "Dawg Day Afternoon," "She Ain't Heavy," "Love Among the Runes," and "Freak Nation"
Nana Visitor Dr. Elizabeth Renfro/Madame X "Designate This," "...and Jesus Brought a Casserole," "Meow," "Hit a Sista Back," "I and I Am a Camera," "Pollo Loco"
Jerry Wasserman Dr. George "Harbor Lights"
Connor Widdows Bugler "Bag 'Em"
Sam Witwer Marrow "Love in Vein"
Rick Worthy Lieutenant Clemente "Freak Nation"
Alex Zahara Johanssen "Red" and "Rising"


Crew Credit Episode
Michael Angeli Producer
Season 2
"Medium Is the Message," "Love in Vein" and "She Ain't Heavy"
Ron Blecker Technical advisor Unknown
Andy Chamberlayne Special effects coordinator Unknown
Dave Hospes Stunts Unknown
Allan Kroeker Director "Two" and "She Ain't Heavy"
Colin Meacham Production Assistant Unknown
Mike Mitchell Second unit director
Stunt coordinator
"Pilot," "Flushed"——"411 on the DL," "Cold Comfort," "Out"——"Art Attack," "Shorties in Love"——"Meow," "Bag 'Em," "Radar Love," "Medium Is the Message," and "Freak Nation"
All 42 episodes
Iris Paluly Utility stand-in Unknown
Devin Senft Production assistant Unknown
Lori Stewart Stunt double for Amy Dumas Unknown
Jeff Woolnough Director "The Kidz Are Aiight," "I and I Am a Camera," "Designate This," "Radar Love," "Medium Is the Message," and "Hello, Goodbye"