Ben Cotton

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Ben Cotton
Ben Cotton
Portrays: Terrified Man (TRS)
Atreus (Caprica)
Coker Fasjovik (Blood & Chrome)
Date of Birth: July 26, 1975
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Age: 48
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Ben Cotton (born July 26, 1975) is the actor who portrayed the terrified man whom William Adama meets on the ice planet in "Razor". Cotton's other Re-imagined Series-continuity credits include Caprica as Atreus, and as Coker Fasjovik, William Adama's ECO, in Blood and Chrome.

Outside of these credits, Cotton is well-known as Dr. Kavanagh in Stargate Atlantis. Cotton's other credits in Canadian-filmed science fiction and fantasy series include Riese: Kingdom Falling as Herrick, as well as Dark Angel, Kyle XY, and Smallville.