Into the Void!

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Into the Void
Into the Void
An issue of the Marvel Comics series.
Issue No. 4
Writer(s) Roger McKenzie
Illustrator(s) {{{illustrator}}}
Penciller(s) Walter Simonson
Inker(s) Klaus Janson
Colorist(s) Klaus Janson
Letterer(s) Jim Novak
Editor(s) Jim Shooter
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Cover Artist(s) Klaus Janson
Walter Simonson
Adaptation of Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I
Published June 1979
Collected in Saga of a Star World
Reprinted as
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ISBN [[Special:Booksources/|]]
Population 0 Survivors
Special The Lost Gods of Kobol (1 of 2)
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Deathtrap! Into the Void A Death in the Family
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This comic is an adaptation of "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I," as part of The Lost Gods of Kobol two-part Marvel Comics series.


  • Starbuck and Apollo share a final patrol together before he marries Serina.
  • Encountering a magnetic void, Apollo enters it while ordering Starbuck to remain outside, over Starbuck's objections wherein Apollo adamantly indicates that he will not have any member of Blue Squadron take any unnecessary risks on Apollo's (or Serina's) behalf.
  • Apollo is lost in the void, for his Viper's instruments are unable to lock onto any fixed point within the space.
  • While lost, Apollo's thoughts drift to the feast before the patrol, where Apollo asks for both Boxey's and Adama's permission to marry Serina. Present are Starbuck and Athena, who celebrate the announcement.
  • Boomer and Jolly walk with Apollo and Starbuck to their Vipers, sharing in the "best news we've heard in a centon." Starbuck brings up the topic of replacing Apollo's position within the recon patrol, having discussed the option with some other Warriors, but Apollo refuses the gracious offer.
  • Boomer and Jolly launch in a separate vector from Apollo and Starbuck, with the warriors noting that they have a little surprise for him when they return.
  • Apollo, lost in the magnetic void, is surprised by laser blasts coming from Starbuck's Viper. Starbuck has entered the void in violation of orders, but this act allows Starbuck to save Apollo from being forever lost, as Starbuck leads the way by flipping 180 degrees and returning the way he came in.
  • Meanwhile, Boomer and Jolly happen across a Cylon outpost, which looks abandoned but is quite active. They detect the humans and alert the Imperious Leader.
  • Aboard his baseship, the Imperious Leader has Baltar brought before it following its examination of the traitor's epistle. After noting that he finds Baltar's reasoning—that he thinks like a human, and thus knows where they must go and what they must do in order to survive—logical, and is spared. He is introduced to Lucifer, who informs Imperious Leader that Galactica has been located.
  • Returning from their patrol, Jolly and Boomer land on Galactica, however Jolly has problems landing as he becomes ill. Boomer tells Jolly to see the doctor, while Boomer checks on the preparations for Apollo's "surprise birthday party."
  • Boomer arrives at the bachelor's quarters, seeing that the preparations have been made for Apollo's return. However, he too shows signs of illness and fatigue, and his fellow Warriors tend to their comrade.
  • Apollo and Starbuck return from patrol themselves, while Adama receives a communication from sick bay. As the returning duo head to the bachelor's quarters for the surprise party, they are intercepted by Adama and a team of suited medical personnel.
  • Adama notifies them that Boomer and Jolly have apparently come down with a virus that is contagious and possibly fatal, with a note that should it spread through the Fleet, the human race might very well be wiped out.
  • Apollo and Starbuck report to core command, where Colonel Tigh fumes over the "incredibly stupid blunder" of Boomer and Jolly skipping decontamination procedures. Adama notes that they can only recover now, and that the Cylon outpost forces their hand into pursuing the path Starbuck and Apollo reconnoitered.
  • Apollo shares his report on the void, leading Adama to maintain course towards the void while he leaves to retire to his quarters, much to everyone's consternation.
  • Apollo returns to his quarters, asking Boxey if he has seen Serina. Serina surprises Apollo, reporting to him as "Flight Cadet Serina." Boxey is asked to leave, and Boxey tells Muffey that the two are about to argue—and argue they do.



  • The pilot's names are written on the foreheads of the Warrior's helmet.


Publication History

This issue was reprinted in Star Heroes: Winter Special (UK) Vol. 1 #1 (October 1979 CE), and later republished in Saga of a Star World (June 2005 CE).



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