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Welcome to the Battlestar Galactica original series portal. This is a place for fans of the 1978 season when Cylons were Toasters, everyone knew Baltar was a villain, and Starbuck was a ladies' man (not a lady). The original series pioneered new horizons for science fiction in television, but ultimately its grand vision (and huge budget) contributed to its demise. However, this is a place where Galactica still roams the stars, so feel free to kick your feet up on the table and grab an ambrosa. Catch the triad match on TV or deal yourself a hand of pyramid. You might want to stop by Core Command before you go (it could use some construction work), or maybe check out the episode that started it all.

Welcome to the Galactica 1980 portal. After the Original Series was canceled, Battlestar Galactica did manage to return to the television for another try. This time it featured a grounded approach to story telling, and was supposed to be more "family entertainment" with "educational" elements forced into the show. While the series opening was relatively well received (some people still think that the opening is part of the Original Series), the rest of the series did not fare as well, causing the series to generally be excluded from canon. The only episode the fans embraced was the last episode, featuring a return by Dirk Benedict. Unfortunately, by the time it aired Battlestar Galactica's fate was sealed, until the concept of a "rag tag, fugitive fleet" was revisited in the Re-imagined Series.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This page is a complete accounting of all events that have occurred in the Re-imagined Series. If you have only begun watching the series, this site will contain information of events, actions, and characters that you may not have been exposed to yet. This is information that you may consider to be a spoiler, and as this Wiki is a complete and thorough resource, you have been warned that spoilers are to be expected. Review our Spoiler Policy for details.

The Battlestar Galactica (RDM) Cast
The Battlestar Galactica (RDM) Cast

If you're old enough, you might have seen the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica and Galactica 1980 way back when. The re-imagined series debuted with a miniseries on December 8th, 2003, and concluded 73 episodes later on March 20th, 2009.

The new Battlestar Galactica, created and produced by Ronald D. Moore, was the talk of the town on science fiction websites and entertainment magazines alike. It was a reboot of the two previous series, but maintained its own story line with a darker tone and rich characterizations, intrigue and action.

Despite the controversy, this reboot remains one of the more successful reboots of a television series from the 20th century, and has spawned off two prequels: Caprica and Blood and Chrome.

The Three Casts From Each of the 3 Series

Characters make the story interesting in all three of the Battlestar Galactica series shows. Each series has no shortage of characters to make every show that has been produced interesting and dynamic. Dramatic changes have been made to the characters of the Original Series for the Re-imagined Series. Boomer in the original Battlestar Galactica was a black man, whereas Boomer in the Re-imagined Series is an Asian woman (and a Cylon). Religion, sexuality, and even nationality are now part of each characters' motives, making Galactica a place that is influenced by real-life situations.

The humans of both series' stories are typically called "Colonials". (In Galactica 1980, they're referred to as Galacticans, but that's another matter.)

The case with the Colonials is that they are typically screwed over by an egotistical guy named Baltar, regardless of whether or not he fornicates with Cylons, and are forced to flee their homeworlds to search for a fabled planet colonized by a Thirteenth Tribe: Earth. In all the series, the Colonials have their own customs, laws, and various unique facets that make up their culture, which you can access through here.

Number Five
What is a Cylon?

It depends on how and from what series you view it. To our left we have our typical "toaster" Cylon Centurion from the original Battlestar Galactica. To our right we have a new and very different Cylon that takes the form of a human being from the Re-imagined Series. There still are big and intimidating Cylon Centurions kicking around, themselves new, but it's the humanoid models which are the biggest threat to the Fleet.

Welcome to the portal for the ships of Battlestar Galactica. Ships play a vital role in the Galactica saga, providing the Colonials with a means of escaping the Cylons (and giving the Cylons a means of pursuing them). From the Adriatic to the Zephyr, each ship has its role to play, and you can learn more about some of the ships of the Fleet here.

What would a SciFi show be without the cool toys? What about comics? Battlestar Galactica has no shortage of these items. Just like Star Trek the market place has been booming with Original Series and Re-imagined Series items. The comics — the home to usually "Hero" based storylines — have had a prolific production run. The books — another favorite of the Star Trek and Star Wars universe — have their own brands of flavoring dealing with both the Galactica 1980 series and the Original Series. Battlestar Galactica did have its own magazine "series", however it has since been canceled. Articles and news about Battlestar Galactica still play an important part in "inside information", and the cast and crew still provide details about the show through interviews. So whether you're into Cain or Starbuck (left), you just might want to take a look around to see what you else can get your hands on.

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