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Birth Name Ortega
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Death Killed by Karibdis
Marital Status Single
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Role Flight Sergeant, battlestar Galactica
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Portrayed by Frank Ashmore
Ortega is a Cylon
Ortega is a Final Five Cylon
Ortega is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Flight Sergeant Ortega is an immature Warrior and loner who is aggressive and engaged in illegal activities, but somehow manages to keep his mouth shut about personal issues.

Ortega had previously met Lieutenant Starbuck at the Colonial Academy, probably at flight training, and loathed him ever since. He is a member of battlestar Galactica's Viper corps. He teams up with Flight Sergeant Barton, who personally dislikes but tolerates Ortega as he is a good Triad player.

During the loading of the Rising Star, three people bribe Ortega for places aboard the starliner—places reserved for children and their caretakers. Ortega unwisely blackmails Karibdis, Elias, and Riftis afterward.

Riftis, who assumes an alias as Chella, works as a dealer at a chancery table on Rising Star, which Ortega sits often and extorts money.

During a long recon mission sometime before his death, Ortega reveals to Barton that the only person with enough gall to kill him was Karibdis (who chooses the alias of Pallon).

Before Ortega's death by Karibdis, he manages to eject both himself and Starbuck out of the Triad game. Karibdis, tired of the continual blackmail, uses Starbuck's laser pistol to kill Ortega before the corrupt Warrior has a chance to fire.

Ortega is likely missed by few, but the Colonial Warrior is given a proper burial nonetheless (TOS: "Murder on the Rising Star").