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Gideon, see: Elias Meeker.



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Introduced Murder on the Rising Star
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Portrayed by Newell Alexander
Elias is a Cylon
Elias is a Final Five Cylon
Elias is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Elias is an Original Series Cylon
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Elias is one of three known men who bribed Flight Sergeant Ortega in order to escape with The Fleet after the Cylon attack, although the Warrior continued to blackmail him.

Elias, like Riftis ("Chella") and Karibdis ("Pallon"), is a suspect in Ortega's murder.

Onboard the shuttle with Riftis and Karibdis, he admits that he wanted to kill Ortega, however he could not bear to do it. He is freed after Ortega's murderer, Karibdis, is discovered (TOS: "Murder on the Rising Star").