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Birth Name Riftis
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Introduced Murder on the Rising Star
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Role Pyramid dealer, Table Three, Rising Star
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Portrayed by Ben Frank
Riftis is a Cylon
Riftis is a Final Five Cylon
Riftis is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Riftis, who later hides under the alias of Chella, was the administrator of Solius prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.

After surviving the initial attack on Caprica, he is slated to board the freighter Piscon, but misses the transport due to his fears of death at Cylon hands. With 8,000 cubits, he bribes Flight Sergeant Ortega and thus boards Rising Star while it is being loaded with caretakers and juveniles that could be brought to the Fleet.

Riftis assumes the name of Chella as part of a ruse to fool people into believing that he died in the attacks. As part of his new life, he becomes Table Three's Pyramid dealer on Rising Star and frequent spectator to the Triad tournaments.

Much to Riftis' consternation, Ortega blackmails him: in return for the Warrior's silence, Riftis rigs the Pyramid game in Ortega's favor.

As the Fleet continues on its journey, he later discovers the well-disliked Ortega shot dead between an ajar door. Riftis accuses Starbuck of the crime, saying that the Warrior was rushing out of the scene of the crime, and was certainly irritated due to Starbuck's ejection from the Triad game. (Unbeknownst to him, Starbuck was catching up to meet Cassiopeia before she left on the next transport out.)

Upon information given in the testimonial of Flight Sergeant Barton, Starbuck's defenders—Captain Apollo and Lieutenant Boomer—visit "Chella" and discover the truth.

Although a suspect, he is later found innocent of murdering Ortega, and is visibly relieved that the truth is finally out in the open. He expresses his guilt over feeling responsible for the death of the child that would have otherwise taken his spot (TOS: "Murder on the Rising Star").