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The Commandant[1] is a Command Centurion of the Cylon Empire.

During its occupation of Cygnus, Baltar betrays his father's plan to destroy the tylium mine to this Cylon in exchange for his freedom. After verifying the veracity of this information, Commandant honors the pact and permits Baltar's escape in a shuttle headed towards Picon.

Over 30 yahrens later, the Commandant re-approaches Baltar on Carillon, offering Baltar the chance to "be set from the limitations" of humanity—and dominion over both Cygnus and Picon—in exchange for extending the false peace proposal to the Colonials.

A yahren after Baltar's exile promised by Adama following the Battle at Galaxy's Edge, Commandant later returns to Baltar's planet and recovers Baltar (Battlestar Galactica Annual 2014).


  1. In absence of a designation, Battlestar Wiki refers to this character by its title during its oversight of Cygnus.