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The uniforms worn in Galactica 1980 are, for the most part, the same uniforms used in the Original Series from which it had been sprung.

There are a few notable differences, however.

Boomer's Uniform

Colonel Boomer's tunic decoration, reminiscent of the Star of Kobol (1980: "Space Croppers").

Colonel Boomer wears two different uniforms in the series, the Warrior and blue officer type.

The unique feature of both uniforms, starting from "The Super Scouts, Part I", is the presence of an emblem pinned to the neck piece, which is silver.[1]

Environmental Spacesuit

Dillon and Troy wearing space suits stowed in their Viper (1980: "Spaceball").

Apparently a part of every Viper are two sets of space suits which permit the occupants to exit the ship while in space. While much the same as the suits seen in the Original Series episode "Fire in Space", the major difference is the helmet, which is a helmet with a black visor and the hawk-like emblem on the forehead.

Pilot Uniforms

D Squadron

Members of D Squadron appear to have either variants of the beige tunic and brown jacket uniforms, or completely different ones. In one instance, an unnamed dark-skinned pilot appears to have a metallic chest plate, with a dark jacket underneath. Another pilot wears a black leather jacket, and, yet another pilot, wears a neckerchief at the neck with a silver emblem with the standard Warrior outfit and jacket[2] attached to said neckerchief (1980: "Space Croppers").


Making their only appearance in "Space Croppers" are a new helmet for Viper pilots. It is a smaller helmet, the bottom of which lines up mostly with the jawline and a more noticeable chin-guard. It also has a leather strap which goes underneath the chin, which is absent from the older versions of pilot helmets.


As part of the uniforms of Galacticans, they carry a wrist computron which aids them in various ways while on their mission to Earth. Not only is this standard equipment for Warriors, but also for the Super Scouts (The Super Scouts, et al.) and agricultural workers (1980: "Space Croppers") that settle the Earth.


  1. This is the same emblem that Cain had on his uniform, but in gold. The emblem is later reused as the Star of Kobol.
  2. This was also a part of Cain's uniform in "The Living Legend". The emblem is later reused as the Star of Kobol.