Space suit (TOS)

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Apollo in a Colonial space suit.

In the rare times where Colonial Warriors or other staff must work in low-pressure or vacuum environments, a space suit[1] is needed.

This somewhat-bulky suit consists of a bubble-shaped helmet, connected to a flexible pressure suit with a life-support backpack. Two large hoses connect to the helmet to provide and to clean air to be scrubbed for unbreathable gases from expiration.

Apollo dons a space suit in an attempt to reach areas of Galactica during a dangerous shipboard fire (TOS: "Fire in Space").

These suits aren't used during Viper flights; Colonial Warriors do not wear any life-support gear during their flights. In the Viper's cockpit, Warriors wear a helmet for communications and their standard uniform in most instances.[2]


  1. This is a Battlestar Wiki descriptive term.
  2. In contrast, the Re-imagined Series pilots use a special one-piece pressure suit during their Viper and Raptor flights. As no other means of emergency life support flight wear was shown in the Original Series, the probability of a space-borne SAR mission for Colonial Warriors would seem unlikely since the Warrior would not live long without vacuum protection.