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Space Mutiny (audiobook)

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Space Mutiny
"Space Mutiny"
An album of the Saga of a Fugitive Fleet
Album No. 1
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Artist(s) Terry Carter, Laurette Spang, Jack Stauffer, et al.
Producer(s) Daniel Earnshaw
Label Explore Multimedia
Tracks 14
Running Time 01:17:00
Discs 1
Released 4 December 2020
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Space Mutiny "Fail Safe"
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"Space Mutiny" is the first of four stories in the Saga of a Fugitive Fleet, a limited series of audiobook dramas.

It features the voice talents of a bulk of 1978 Battlestar Galactica's surviving performers, including Terry Carter (Tigh), Laurette Spang (Cassiopeia), Jack Stauffer (Bojay), Noah Hathaway (Boxey, Anne Lockhart (Sheba) and Sarah Rush (Rigel). Utilized are previously recorded audio by performers Lorne Greene (Adama), John Colicos (Baltar) and Richard Hatch (Apollo), derived from extant works.

Ostensively a version of the Original Series with the "serial numbers" filed off, Saga features voice talents of various Original Series' performers while eschewing the use of copyrighted terms and direct references to Original Series tales.

Additional performers lending their talents include Robyn Douglass (Galactica 1980), Sonja Kristina, Ken Bones (Doctor Who), John Guilor, John Clegg and Alistair Lock (of Big Finish Productions).

Publisher Description

Tensions run high as a vote on the direction of the fleet approaches, but control has been seized in a mutiny by someone who has their own agenda…
Space Mutiny is a remake of the 1988 B-Movie of the same name - used with permission.

Track Listing

  1. Act 1
    Track Time: 8m41s
    Summary: Pending.
  2. Act 2
    Track Time: 2m05s
    Summary: Pending.
  3. Act 3
    Track Time: 4m26s
    Summary: Pending.
  4. Act 4
    Track Time: 3m40s
    Summary: Pending.
  5. Act 5
    Track Time: 4m25s
    Summary: Pending.
  6. Act 6
    Track Time: 6m34s
    Summary: Pending.
  7. Act 7
    Track Time: 4m31s
    Summary: Pending.
  8. Act 8
    Track Time: 3m38s
    Summary: Pending.
  9. Act 9
    Track Time: 3m21s
    Summary: Pending.
  10. Act 10
    Track Time: 2m38s
    Summary: Pending.
  11. Act 11
    Track Time: 6m44s
    Summary: Pending.
  12. Act 12
    Track Time: 5m40s
    Summary: Pending.
  13. Act 13
    Track Time: 2m01s
    Summary: Pending.
  14. Act 14
    Track Time: 9m17s
    Summary: Pending.


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