Space Mutiny

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Space Mutiny

This is a 1988 South African science fiction film that has nothing to do with Battlestar Galactica, but it uses approximately ten minutes of footage from the original series. Ironically, the basic plot is similar to that of Galactica. A giant starship called the Southern Sun is carrying a large number of people on a trek through space hoping to colonize a new world.


  • The Southern Sun is Galactica (using stock footage of Galactica, of course!).
  • The Southern Sun's ships are called Stingray vipers (using stock footage of Colonial vipers).
  • In the opening minutes of the film there is a space battle with pirates (Cylon raiders).
  • This movie was featured (i.e. ridiculed) on Mystery Science Theater 3000, although a portion of Galactica stock footage was edited out.

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