Monotheists: A Passing Fad, Nothing More

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STO won't last.

Monotheists: A Passing Fad, Nothing More is a The Caprican Opinion article written by Ralston Sinclair. It was printed in Ianuarius 12, YR42.


Someone recently set off a smoke bomb just outside of Goldie's Off Track Betting, and the public is blaming the monotheists.

The MAGLEV trains have been running fewer and farther between lately, and the public is pointing fingers at the monotheists.

A cat gets stuck in a tree, and the public yells the Monads scared it up there.

Be calm.

The recent monotheist resurgence is just that - a surge. And a surge is nothing more than a brief movement forward, the key word being brief. Just like a decade ago when the "Soldiers of the One," commonly called the STO, had their moment in the suns. But they faded into obscurity and so too will these monotheists. So when the Monad zealots knock on your doors on Sunday morning, be nice. When a proselyte at the spaceport stops you, smile and pass by calmly. You see, you know something they don't: Their time in the spotlight is but a fleeting one.

These are nothing more than a small sub culture of fundamentalists, most of them teenagers, rebelling against their upbringing because it's trendy. They believe in "One True God" because it's trendy. And, like most trends, it will pass in time. Are they really hurting anybody? Not really. They're more of an annoyance. Monotheists are harmless, barely worth a mention in our cultural consciousness. In fact, a year from now, no one will even remember what all the fuss was about.

You empower them with this paranoid nonsense, for the gods' sake. Take heed, friends. Take heed!


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