V-Clubs: A Reality, Virtual and Otherwise

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A V-Club player.

V-Clubs: A Reality, Virtual and Otherwise is a The Caprican Entertainment article written by Carl Kipp. It was printed in Ianuarius 12, YR42.


OK, the staff here at The Caprican gets invited to all the hot new club openings (No, not because we're cooler than you. We review them). So we get to bypass the long lines and aloof bouncers. But now anyone can gain access to the hottest clubs in the Colony and never leave your house. All you need is a Holoband and a computer geek.

V-Clubs, as people in the know call them, are the products of savvy hackers who know more about technology than the penal code, and who can break the relatively benign Holoband security codes and create boundless virtual reality worlds.

Go beyond the virtual velvet rope after the jump...

That's the techno boring part. The interesting part is what goes on in these digital domains. V-Clubs have the obvious dance areas, private rooms, and fully stocked bars, where the programmed staff cares nothing about I.D. or contraband. But, so what? You can find that at any club.

What makes a V-club different (or so we've heard, because no one on our staff will admit to having been in a V-Club) is that there is only one rule: There are no rules.

Want to kill someone? Get gun and blast away. Want to frak someone? Get a someone and frak away. Want to...you get the picture. You can pretty much do anything you can think up (which means program up, or get someone to program for you). And again, the best part is it all feels real, and without any of those pesky real-world consequences.

All right, because we are good citizens, we should probably mention one tiny caveat, because there's always a caveat when it comes to things that sound too good to be true. V-Clubs are illegal. Not the V-Club per se, but the hacking of the officially licensed Graystone Industries product. See? We told you, too good to be true. Now, if you're willing to risk being thrown in the Colonial Prison in Marathon, hack away. But if you've become accustom to sunshine and a bar-less view, there's always regular, boring, real-life clubs.

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