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Introduced Take the Celestra
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Marital Status Romantically involved with Aurora
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Portrayed by Randy Stumpf
Damon is a Cylon
Damon is a Final Five Cylon
Damon is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Damon is a crewmember of the electronics ship Celestra. He orchestrates a mutiny against the conditions instituted by Commander Kronus' second-in-command, Charka.

He, his lover Aurora, and six others sabotage a turbodyne and attempt to liberate a shuttle from Celestra's bays, only to be thwarted by Apollo and Starbuck. En route to The Fleet, Damon has doubts about the relationship between Aurora and Lieutenant Starbuck. After Aurora fails to convince him her feelings for Starbuck were that of yesteryahren and that she was in love with him; it takes Starbuck to set him straight, for the Warrior tells Damon that he would be a fool if he allowed Aurora to slip through his fingers. He concedes the point and makes amends with Aurora as the rest of the mutineers work to outfit the shuttle's scanners (TOS: "Take the Celestra").