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Introduced Take the Celestra
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Portrayed by Nick Holt
Charka is a Cylon
Charka is a Final Five Cylon
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Charka is the executive officer of the electronics ship Celestra.

Charka knows how to play all the sides, and is knowledgeable in being a manipulative artist as he vies for command of the ship. He presumes he would be able to command the Celestra, with Commander Kronus commanding three other ships as well, however Kronus thinks otherwise and still retains command of the ship.

After a thwarted mutiny lead by Damon, Charka begins plotting a way to easily remove Kronus from command and sends the shuttle, along with Apollo, Starbuck, and the mutineers, away from the Fleet.

Of course, he provoked the mutiny by working the crew on 16 centar shifts, little relax time, and restricting the crew's ability to travel throughout the Fleet. He sends faulty coordinates for the Fleet to the shuttle, and waits until the ship is out of range, hoping that Kronus' death would allow his ascension to commander of the Celestra.

However, thanks to the efforts of the Warriors and mutineers, Charka is in for a surprise. The ship is taken from him, and he is arrested for attempts to mutiny against his commander and for murdering him (TOS: "Take the Celestra").


  • Starbuck and Apollo note that the penalty for mutiny was at least 30 yahren. However, one might presume that he also receives a conviction for killing his commanding officer, Kronus, and thus is sentenced to life imprisonment per the episode "Murder on the Rising Star."

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Executive Officer of the Celestra
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Commander Kronus
Commander of the Celestra
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