Josh Moreland

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Josh Moreland
Josh Moreland


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Introduced Greetings From Earth
Children Mentioned as killed in Alliance attack
Marital Status Married to Aggie Moreland
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Portrayed by Frank Marth
Josh Moreland is a Cylon
Josh Moreland is a Final Five Cylon
Josh Moreland is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Josh Moreland is the curmudgeon, aging husband of Aggie Moreland, survivor of the Eastern Alliance's attack on Paradeen, when he lost his children.

He happens across Michael's ship and the two Vipers that accompany it with his wife and hired hand, Doyle. He rather forcefully, and with reason, tells the new arrivals that it isn't safe and to leave. Naturally, he fears that the Alliance would eventually track them back down and kill all the survivors as an example to the Terra Nationalists.

Unfortunately, this came true to a point. The Eastern Alliance enforcers set down on Paradeen to track Michael, capturing Sarah and baby Walker in the process.

Moreland is hesitant on allowing the newly arrived children refuge in his house, but is convinced by his wife, who says that the house has been too long without children. After the Warriors and Michael manage to dispatch Leiter's crew, he seems to relax a bit and promises to help Michael, Sarah and the children build a home on Paradeen (TOS: "Greetings From Earth").