Aggie Moreland

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Aggie Moreland
Aggie Moreland


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Introduced Greetings From Earth
Children Mentioned as killed in Alliance attack
Marital Status Married to Josh Moreland
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Portrayed by Lesley Woods
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Aggie Moreland is a survivor of the Eastern Alliance's devastating attack on Paradeen. She lost her children in the attack and lives with her husband Josh on the outskirts of the large city. She is among the three people that discover the Lunar shuttle and Vipers.

Moreland is horrified and frightened at the fact that there are actually children on Paradeen, presumably as Sarah's and Michael's children reminded her of her own, thus fearing for them.

Apollo initially blames Ms. Moreland and the other survivors for the damage done to the Vipers. As it later turns out, she and her party are innocent of any wrongdoing, as Sarah destroyed the controls of the Vipers during the night.

Later, when the Eastern Alliance destroyer commanded by Commandant Leiter lands, Moreland tearfully refuses to turn the children away and gives them a place to stay while Apollo, Starbuck, Michael and the others foul Leiter's plans. She will doubtless be a fine neighbor for the family that Michael and Sarah set up (TOS: "Greetings From Earth").