Graystone Foundation

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The Graystone Foundation was a charitable organization established by Daniel and Amanda Graystone to assist young people whose lives have been harmed by use of holoband technology. The foundation was established in the wake of the their daughter Zoe's alleged involvement in the Maglev bombing and the suspected role of the holoband in her transformation into a terrorist. Appearing on Backtalk with Baxter Sarno, the Graystones seem to have spontaneously conceived of the charity as a follow-up to the announcement that Graystone Industries would abandon the holoband and V-world licensing as profit-generating activities (CAP: "Gravedancing").[1]


  1. As of CAP "The Imperfections of Memory," the Graystone Foundation has a postal address at 5520 Via Appia, Suite 100, Caprica City, Caprica C2908P, used by the Delphi Convalescent Institute to solicit a donation from Amanda.