Delphi Convalescent Institute

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Amanda Graystone agonizes over an envelope she receives from the Delphi Convalescent Institute (CAP: "The Imperfections of Memory").

The Delphi Convalescent Institute, est. YR01, was a mental health facility located on Terreo Avenue in the city of Delphi on Caprica.[1]

Amanda Graystone spent two and a half years in the institute recovering from a breakdown she suffered after the death of her brother Darius. Years later, the institute wrote to Amanda requesting a charitable donation (CAP: "The Imperfections of Memory").

More than sixty years later, after the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, the institute is used as a farm by the occupying Cylons, staffed by several Number Fours and at least one Six, and protected by a number of Centurions. It is destroyed by Kara Thrace when she escapes after being held there for several days (TRS: "The Farm").


  1. The full address printed on the envelope received by Amanda Graystone is 45 Terreo Avenue, Delphi, Caprica, D52871.