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Sire Geller is yet another incompetent member of the Quorum, attacking the policies of Adama at the time Michael, Sarah, and their children from Terra are brought aboard. Apparently, he is a very vocal and influential member, albeit short-lived for he is embarrassed publicly in front of the entire Fleet for the loss of the Terrans' ship. Geller isn't fond of Lieutenant Starbuck and Captain Apollo either ("Do we have to have those two?"), likely due to their loyalty to Adama (TOS: "Greetings from Earth").


  • This entry presumes that Geller was either ejected from the Quorum or left due to embarrassment over the situation with the encounter from fleeing Terrans. This would, at least, account for his disappearance by the next episode, "Baltar's Escape". (The actual reason may have more to do with the scheduling of actor Murray Matheson, as the script for "Baltar's Escape" features Geller; instead, the newly created Sire Domra takes his place in the aired episode.)
  • Murray Matheson was the voice of Specter in "The Young Lords", though is not officially credited as such.