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Portrayed by John Hoyt
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Sire Domra is a leading member of the Quorum during the encounter with Terra's Nazi-esque Eastern Alliance.

Like most of the Quorum, he became an irritant to Adama and a hindrance to the Fleet in general. He manages to persuade the Quorum to dissolve martial law, thus relieving Adama of command of the Fleet. While Adama was permitted to retain command of Galactica, he posts an "advisor" to core command in the form of Siress Tinia. Believing that the so-called representatives of the Eastern Alliance were mistreated by the Colonial Warriors under Adama's command, he and the Quorum order their transfer from the Prison Barge. This action permits the Eastern Alliance, three Borellian Nomen and Baltar to board Galactica and take Domra—with the Quorum and Lieutenants Boomer and Sheba—hostage.

When Adama trades both himself and Tinia for an extra centar of time, Domra informs him that the Quorum had voted to extend the State of Emergency (TOS: "Baltar's Escape").